Nick Ferrari’s warning to ‘bed-wetting liberals’ over Rwanda migrant plan

29 April 2022, 07:33

Nick Ferrari was speaking during his daily breakfast show on LBC

Nick Ferrari was speaking during his daily breakfast show on LBC.

Picture: LBC

Nick Ferrari warned the Archbishop of Canterbury that if he were listening he might want to turn the radio down, “as would most bedwetting liberals and probably most of the BBC as well.”

The topic was the government’s Rwanda scheme which will see migrants sent 6,000 miles to the Central African country for processing.

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Nick’s warning comes after no small boat crossings were detected in the channel for at least nine days after the controversial migrant plan was announced.

“It does appear to be working,” Nick said as he admitted it was “early days” for the plan.

“When it was announced earlier this month, on the day it was announced 88 migrants were picked up on the South coast.

“The next day the number had swollen to 263, in the eight days since the scheme was announced the total number of migrants who’ve been picked up is zero.”

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“Day one zero, day two zero, day three zero, day four zero, day five zero, day six zero, day seven zero, day eight zero…”

Nick said if these figures were compared with a similar period last year “you’d be looking somewhere in the region of three-four hundred.”

“So, early days I know, indeed they haven’t even got the scheme set up, and at the moment Priti Patel looks like she’s going to have to charter private jets to get these people to Rwanda, but does this mean the scheme works ?” Nick asked.

Previously Home Secretary Priti Patel hailed the plan to send migrants to Rwanda as “world-class” saying it will act as a “blueprint” for other countries to follow, despite reports of a civil service backlash over the plan.

Ms Patel has claimed her million-pound deal could be reproduced by other countries in Europe, such as Denmark.

The plan – which will see asylum seekers flown 6,000 miles away to east Africa – has been heavily criticized by charities and opposition parties as being “shamefully cruel”.


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