New butterfly house cocktail for Winchester bar Incognito

A WINCHESTER bar has introduced its latest cocktail creation inspired by butterflies.

Incognito in Winchester has revealed its latest creation called the Butterfly Effect.

It features a blend of One Gin Sage and Apple, green apple, lavender, lemon and egg white and comes encased in a gilded butterfly house on a bed of live reindeer moss, which is topped with delicate flowers from a local florist.

The cocktail bar is hidden in a hole in the wall of St Johns House on The Broadway and leads down into a basement-style lounge, where customers are hit with the scent of Mediterranean pine.

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Owner and cocktail creator Nick Robinson is focused on pushing the boundaries of mixology within the country.

He said: “I’m pretty creative. I look for inspiration everywhere that I can find it. I’m always out and about looking for different ideas and concepts.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Butterfly Effect cocktail, Incognito Winchester

Incognito holds 21 different cocktails ranging from a Candy Man, which is served in a divers helmet, a Pearl, which is served in a sea shell brought back from a beach in Bali as well as an Old Fashioned, the Epiphany, the Hibachi, Rubber Dub Dub and the Greatest Showman, which range from £13 to £15.

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