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Nashik: Although the daily number of Covid cases in the city of Nashik is increasing rapidly, bed occupancy in city and private hospitals remains low.
According to the Nashik Municipal Corporation (NMC), of the 1,457 active cases in the city, only 99 are being treated in hospitals. Of these, less than 2% are assisted with either oxygen or ventilators.
The NMC’s medical superintendent, Dr. Bapusaheb Nagargoje said that over 93% of patients are in domestic isolation as they are either asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic.
“There are currently over 8,500 beds available in municipal and private hospitals in the city. Of these, 3,500 beds are in city hospitals. The NMC had already made arrangements in its two Covid hospitals – New Bytco and Zakir Hussain – to consider the possibility of a third wave of the pandemic. Both hospitals have a total of 1,050 beds, including 800 beds with oxygen and ventilation support, ”said Nagargoje.
Another Nashik city council official said although Covid-19 cases in the city are increasing, hospitalization is still low. “Given the increase, people should strictly follow Covid-appropriate behavior patterns such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance,” he said.
“The medical infrastructure with adequate oxygen availability will be ready in a month or two given the rise in cases,” he said.
The city only had 245 active patients as of December 28, but the number of active patients has now increased nearly six-fold in the past 9 days.
837 new cases in Nashik District
Up to 837 new Covid cases, including 622 from Nashik City, were reported in the district on Friday, bringing the number to 4,16,638 cases.
Although the registered district exceeded the maximum number of cases nearly six months after June last year, no death was reported in the district on Friday
Up to 138 patients were discharged in the district on Friday, including 110 in Nashik city. Now the district has 2,566 active cases.


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