My husband tucks me into bed, and it bothers me

DEAR ABBY: My husband is 38; I am 36. We have been together for 13 years, married for 11. We never wanted children, although we have some pets.

My problem is, we’ve fallen into a parent-child relationship, where I’m starting to feel like the child. He enables me to the point that if I’m the least bit distressed (ie, doing dishes and getting frustrated because there are a lot), he takes over what I’m doing. He even tucks me into bed and kisses me goodnight, turns off the light and closes the door. (Because of our work schedules, we sleep at different times.) I find this strange.

I have mentioned it to him before, and it hurt his feelings. I love him dearly, but seeing him as my “parent” is starting to make it hard for me to love him as my husband. I have asked him to go to therapy, but he is unwilling.

I am very blunt when it comes to saying things, and it generally triggers arguments. How can I tell him all of this bothers me without starting a huge fight?



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