Murdered mom in bed: Bloodied hammer, cutlass found | News Extra

An Unemployment Relief Program (URP) worker said he was the last person to see murdered mother Leann Babb alive on Wednesday night.

When she was found on Friday night, her body was in an advanced state of decomposition.

She had been bludgeoned to death with hammer, police believe.

Babb, 47, lived at Rito Ville, Quinam Road, Siparia.

At 8:30p.m. on Friday, a 41 year old URP office watchman who is a family friend of the Babbs, came to the police station with Babb’s son Raheym Babb, 29.

The watchman said he last saw Babb around 9:30pm Wednesday at her home and he left for work and returned to the home of Babb around 9:30am on Thursday where he observed the front gate and house locked.

He said he made calls to her phone and called out to her several times without any answer.

He then left and returned around 3:30pm Friday and found the premises to be secured as before.

Calls again were made with no response, he said, He said he went into the yard and observed a foul scent emanating from the house.

He made a check to the back of the house, and he observed the burglar proof to a window pried open. As a result, he contacted the relatives and came to the station.

Responding officer said entry did not appear to have been gained through the window which had been pried as the space was too small and the keys for the premises could not be found.

The officers gained access by breaking a glass of the front door. On entering a foul stench was detected. The found a body wrapped in a blue bed sheet with a pillow over the head on a bed in a bedroom. The body was concealed with part of the arm exposed. There was also blood on the floor and bed area together with a hammer on the bed and a cutlass on the floor on the side of the bed. Officers of the HBI under Insp Jones arrived on the scene. The body was viewed by DMO Dr Degannes who saw blunt force trauma to the head, and the body appeared to be in an advanced state of decomposition which disputed the account given by the URP worker, police said.

The hammer was blood stained.


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