Mumbai records under 2K cases, bed vacancy at 92.4% | Mumbai news

Mumbai For the fifth consecutive day, Mumbai recorded 1,312 new infections on Friday, down from 2,000 Covid cases in a single day. The drop in cases has also led to a drop in hospital bed occupancy.

Of the 37,575 Covid beds available in Mumbai, 92.4% or 34,725 beds are vacant and as of Friday only 2,857 beds are occupied.

Of the 1,519 ventilation beds, 66% or 1,012 are free because 507 are occupied; Of the 3,091 intensive care beds, 74.2% or 2,296 beds are free, while 795 beds are occupied. According to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), there are a total of 12,059 oxygen beds, of which 90% or 10,855 are empty and 1,204 are occupied. Mumbai currently has 14,344 active Covid cases.

Mumbai also reported 10 deaths on Friday, bringing the tally to 16,591. Of the 1,312 cases reported Friday, 192 patients required hospitalization and 41 of them required oxygen beds.

The number of tests carried out by the citizenry per day has fallen as authorities have indicated that there is less demand for testing. For Friday, BMC conducted 27,720 Covid tests and the positivity rate for the day has fallen to 4.7% from the maximum of around 28-29% recorded in Mumbai during the third wave.

Since January 24, Mumbai has recorded fewer than 2,000 cases per day, with 1,875 cases and 34,301 tests on January 24; 1,815 cases and 34,427 tests on Jan. 25; 1,858 cases and 42,315 tests on Jan. 26; and 1,384 cases and 42,572 tests on Jan. 27.

Of the 10 Covid patients who died on Friday, eight had comorbidities, nine patients were over the age of 60 and one patient was in the 40 to 60 age group.

4,990 patients have recovered from Covid as of Friday and the recovery rate in Mumbai is 97%. The growth rate of Covid cases over the past week has dropped to 0.27%, the doubling rate has risen to 259 days. The growth rate is calculated considering the increase in Covid cases over the past seven days and the doubling rate is the number of days it takes to double the current number of Covid cases.

“Currently there are 20 sealed buildings in Mumbai and no containment zones that are chawls or slums,” according to figures released by the Citizens’ Authority.


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