Mumbai hospitals urged to restore Covid bed numbers to peak level

With coronavirus infections surpassing 15,000 on Wednesday, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has urged all private hospitals to bring the number of Covid beds to the highest level they had during the second wave of the pandemic.

The city commissioner IS Chahal wrote to private hospitals that more hospital beds would be needed in the coming days, as 10-12 percent of patients were symptomatic every day. With over 95% of cases discovered in non-slum areas, there would be greater demand for private hospital beds as such patients are reluctant to go to corporate-run hospitals, he wrote.

“We are planning a worst-case scenario, although the demand for beds is not very high today,” said Community Commissioner IS Chahal The Indian Express.

All 142 private hospitals in the city will form formal orders to increase bed numbers by Jan. 10 today, Chahal wrote. Group employees will be inspecting private hospitals from Jan. 11 to see if the number of Covid beds has returned to its peak. Although infections could increase significantly in the next five to seven days, the third wave is unlikely to last more than four to five weeks, Chahal wrote, citing “the South African experience.”


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