Mumbai: BMC likely to relax Covid bed rules for pvt hospitals | Mumbai News

Mumbai: As Covid-19 cases in the city decline, there is evidence that the BMC could relax the 80:20 rule that obliges private hospitals to only charge state fees for 80% of its Covid beds.
In several cases, hospitals should also be allowed to abolish some Covid stations so that non-Covid patients can have better access to health care, sources in the health department said.
The hospital association is expected to take up the issue for discussion with BMC officials at its upcoming meeting this month at the end of the month.
An ombudsman said the company will likely issue a notification next week that hospitals will only have to reserve 50% of their Covid-19 beds at government rates. “If hospitals have separate entrances, then they are also allowed to reduce the number of Covid beds for the time being until the third wave occurs,” said the official.
When asked, the BMC’s additional commissioner, Suresh Kakani, said that no decision had yet been made regarding private hospitals.
However, the BMC itself has decided to put its plan to open its four newly built field hospitals on hold. A private hospital administrator said: “It is time to reduce our Covid beds too, so that our non-Covid patients can get beds more easily.”
Dr. V. Ravishankar, COO of Lilavati Hospital in Bandra, said the hospital still had 198 Covid beds, even though only 24 were occupied. “As a result, we had to postpone operations for non-Covid foreigners,” he said. Another administrator said the BMC should designate some centrally located private hospitals to keep Covid beds and wards and allow others to continue with non-Covid work.
Joy Chakraborthy of Hinduja Hospital, Mahim, said that since his hospital has dedicated an entire building to Covid, the issue of disability for non-Covid surgeries does not arise.
The Maharashtra government had reduced the reservation of Covid beds in private hospitals from 80% to 50%, and it did so on the condition that the hospitals would increase the bed reservations as soon as the Covid cases increased.
This reduction was made as a result of an ordinance issued on September 1 that takes into account the increasing number of monsoon diseases in the state. State government officials said more than 15 counties in the state with fewer than 100 active cases and Covid beds were empty. Even in cities, most cases are treated at home and a very small percentage of Covid patients are hospitalized.
“Many hospitals are calling for a needs-based policy for reserving beds for Covid-19 patients. It is likely that a review will be carried out after Diwali as an increase is expected after the holiday season, ”the official said.


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