mumbai: Bed shortage in Mumbai likely due to insurance cos’ guidelines: BMC Chief

The complaints about the shortage of hospital beds in private hospitals in Mumbai may have more to do with the rules set by insurance companies than an actual bed shortage, said Mumbai City Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal.

Following complaints from several citizens that they had difficulty finding hospital beds in private hospitals, the BMC commissioner inquired at hospitals and found that people with mild symptoms of Covid were being admitted to private hospitals and receiving drug treatments containing molnupiravir.

“You are only admitted to hospitals for a day or two and then discharged. We asked hospitals to have these people treated in outpatient departments (OPDs). The private hospitals have told us that the health insurers have a rule that only patients are admitted. “At least one day can be considered for releasing insurance payments,” Chahal said.

“This unnecessarily creates a problem and beds are blocked by non-serious patients. I have asked these hospitals to write to me on the subject and I have to decide to bring it up with these insurance companies to allow payments to be made to those who are treated for OPDs, “he said.

Chahal said the citizen authority has also decided to monitor patients admitted to private hospitals so that only those who really need hospitalization are admitted.

Meanwhile, the citizenship is also considering banning the sale of home test kits for Covid. Tons of such kits are sold around the city and the city council is concerned that if positive, the city council may not be able to track them. While RT-PCR tests carried out by laboratories must send the positive test report to the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, the Citizens Authority has no way of finding the results of the home test kits. From January 1 to January 7, around 5 lakh Covid home test kits were sold in the city. Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar said citizens are considering banning these test kits.


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