Mum-of-10 reveals her exhausting routine after the kids go to bed

a mom showing her evening routine

It’s a full evening (Image: TikTok / @ doughertydozen)

Being a mother is hard work – especially when you’re the mother of 10 children.

In a TikTok video that was viewed over 5 million times, a woman in this family constellation revealed what her evening life looks like – and you will be exhausted just looking at it.

Alicia Dougherty, who has an account called Dougherty Dozen, doesn’t go to bed until midnight doing chores like preparing lunch for her children.

The video is titled, ‘Evening routine after my kids go to bed’ and breaks their evening down.

Alicia says, ‘I unpack all of their lunch boxes and put their ice packs in the freezer, wash the dishes, clean up the dirt they left all over my bathroom, hang up their towels.’

Alicia and her husband Josh from New York have adopted six children and have four birth children.

You live in a 3500 square meter house with seven bedrooms and four bathrooms – that’s all between 12 people.

Next, the busy mom organizes her children’s outfits for the next morning during the night.

To save time the next day, she even applies ready-to-use toothpaste to brushes.

Alicia added, “I pack her snacks for school and put them in their backpacks with water for the next day.

“Then I go through all of their coats and take out their wet mittens and make sure they have a nice dry pair and I make sure they have an extra face mask in their backpack.”

Then the busy mom goes on to do housework.

She says, “Then I’ll vacuum up, make sure that all of the children’s iPads are plugged in for the next day.”

Before she hits the hay, she scrolls through social media. At midnight she is ready to sleep.

The video shocked people for doing this every day.

One commented: “I … I don’t even know where to start. The bottom line is that most of these kids are old enough to do ALL of these things. This is absolutely unreal. ‘

Many agreed, but not all found it fair.

Another said, “Not everyone tells her what to do, maybe this stuff makes her feel good. Mom you do. I wish I had a mother like you. ‘

Others called her “amazing”.

Alicia herself doesn’t want her children to help and says that they “should have fun and be kids”.

She adds: “Services are the language of my life”.

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