Mum ‘dragged from bed by hair’ and ‘interrogated’ by husband she wanted to divorce

A mother who told her husband that she was going to divorce him claims that he then dragged her out of bed one night and subjected her to a violent “interrogation”.

Terrifying photos of Emily Welsh after the experience show that she was hospitalized with severe bruises and a badly swollen eye in a neck brace, among other things.

The 30-year-old nurse from Camden, Ohio, USA, claims she was attacked by Brandon Welsh, a 31-year-old truck driver, in a four-hour rampage in a family member’s home.

Emily said she woke up in the middle of the night to the truck driver looming over her bed, angry after discovering she was about to file for divorce.

The mother-of-two claims Welshman, who she has been with since high school, pulled her hair out of the house and subjected her to a four-hour interrogation in July 2019.

Welsh was found guilty of domestic violence by Preble County Court in Eaton, Ohio in October 2020 but found not guilty of kidnapping. A charge of assault has been dismissed.

But Emily says she was scared when Welshman walked out of court – because he had already served 16 months while waiting for his trial.

Emily Welsh with injuries she claims were sustained from brutal “interrogation” of her husband


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Welsh admitted hitting Emily twice in the swimming pool but denied causing her injuries and instead speculated she could have caused them herself. He also denies throwing her in the pool, saying he merely knocked her over by bumping into her hip.

Emily says she broke up with Welsh two months before the attack after their two children witnessed an angry argument between the two.

However, the couple agreed to celebrate July 4th together at a family member’s home, where the terrible ordeal took place – in which she claims to have feared for her life.

She is now speaking out to warn anyone else who finds themselves in her situation to “not accept the abuse” and “go ahead and be happy” instead of staying with a partner they are afraid of.

Emily said, “Brandon came into the room in the middle of the night, turned on the light, and hovered over me. He was only wearing a towel and was soaking wet.

“He said I should wake up and tell him why I was treating him the way I was.

“I ignored him and tried to go back to sleep. He grabbed my hair and dragged me out of bed.

“He dragged me by my hair from the bedroom to the dining room and the pool. I screamed for help, but he had music.

Emily dated her husband for about 10 years before she decided it was time to leave


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“He said ‘this is the night you’re a bitch’. I was so scared. He said I wish I was dead.

“He threw me in the pool and jumped in behind me. He had an arm around my neck and dipped me under the water.

“I fought and tried to get up, but he was naked so there was nothing to hold on to. I had no chance. It was like an interrogation.”

Emily says after she was repeatedly beaten, she made the decision to tell Welsh “what he wanted to hear” and argue with him. Four hours later, when he was “tired and exhausted,” she persuaded him to let her get out of the pool.

“I puked water and he tore all my clothes off. So we sat there and he asked questions and I answered. “

Emily said, “I could barely hold my head up and my eye was puffy so I couldn’t see from my left side.

Emily’s eye was so swollen after the incident that she could no longer see


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Injuries Emily sustained in the harrowing incident


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She says that she eventually persuaded the Welsh people to let her go to the hospital, where she would tell staff that she got into an argument. Instead, she reported the incident on arrival.

“I told them that my husband attacked me and that someone had to look after my children. Thank god i’m here. I felt like I did what I had to do to survive, ”she said.

However, Welsh has since claimed that the slapping he admitted to slapping Emily did not cause her injuries and has speculated that she did them to herself.

When asked for comment, Welsh said, “I was convicted of domestic violence [in the first degree] and I was found innocent on two crime charges for being innocent.

“I didn’t cause the injuries you have pictures of. Two slaps in the face don’t do that, these injuries were inflicted by Emily herself. “

He went on to say that the people who mattered in his life knew the truth about what was important to him and said it was a “shame” Emily wouldn’t “stop the crap.”

Welsh was released immediately after the trial, and Emily says she lived in fear that he would come back to find her. She was afraid of being home alone, she said, and had to stay with a family member for some time after he was released.

The couple had met in high school and started dating in 2009 when they went to college. They married a year later.

Emily says she was scared of Welsh after a few years of their relationship, but she was determined to keep the family together for their children.

“It was a young relationship and there was psychological abuse, but I missed it. I never expected him to. He’s the father of my children, I’ve been with him for ten years,” she said.

“I wanted to go, but I was young and didn’t know any better, so I would go back.”

Emily said it was easier to hide when the kids were younger, but once they were old enough to understand, she knew it was time to leave.

Emily now goes to a therapist weekly and advocates encouraging other victims of domestic violence to seek help. She says she is in “a great mindset” after working on managing her emotions and giving love to herself and her children.

“I just want to tell anyone who is in a similar situation to me to follow their gut instinct. He made me feel like I was nothing and crazy and nobody would want me, ”she said.

“No matter how afraid you are, put yourself and your sanity first. The fight is worth it. “

“If you did it and you are happy and your children are happy, it is worth it. Women are stronger than we think. Go ahead and be happy. “

Welsh was found guilty of domestic violence and not guilty of kidnapping. The charge of assault was dismissed.

In court, an ambulance testified that Emily suffered from bruises on her skinned elbows, mild tenderness in legs and arms, and a swollen right eye.

The ambulance said that when the victim was examined, there was no evidence of broken bones, head trauma or internal bleeding.

Welsh testified that Emily left the house vacant after speaking with him for several hours.

If you are affected by any of the issues mentioned in this story, you can call the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. Download the Brightsky app.

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