Mum and sons rent $995-a-month micro-studio apartment in Seattle

micro studio apartment

Jamacé Dickerson rents a tiny micro-studio apartment in Seattle, which she shares with her two sons (Picture: Caters News)

A single mum has defended her decision to move her family into a 245 sq ft micro-studio apartment in Seattle, Washington, US, explaining that she simply can’t afford anything else.

Jamacé Dickerson, 37, moved herself and her two sons, Ronin, seven and Alakai, five, into the property in February 2022.

The apartment is teeny-tiny and only has one bed, which the mum and her two sons have to share, but Jamacé says her kids really like the space – despite receiving criticism online.

Rent is $995 a month due to rising property prices in the area.

The mum has made full use of the limited space, even adding in a play nook beneath the raised bed, complete with bookshelves and a cozy rug.

Clever storage hacks include sticking together two cubed units in the bedroom area for a dresser, and stacking the TV on top.

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The kitchen has a mini fridge, while the bathroom has a slider door rather than one that opens up, to save precious space.

Jamacé said on TikTok: ‘I’m getting a mix of comments online, a lot of parents are saying it’s a great idea.

‘But then I’m also getting people to comment that it’s too small for me and the kids and that I should move somewhere more affordable.

‘But my sons like it a lot. They especially love that I made space under the bed with a fort for their toys and where they can play.

‘Ronin, my seven-year-old, is now learning how to cook and learning how to be more independent. I’m also getting people say that they can’t believe the United States is letting people live like that, but I’m happy about it.

Jamace Dickerson/ CATERS NEWS (PICTURED Jamace's micro apartment) A mum has defended her decision to move her family into a 245 sq.  ft micro-studio where they all sleep in the same bed.  In February 2022, Jamac??  Dickerson, 37, moved herself and her two sons, Ronin, seven and Alakai, five, into a new micro-studio where she shares a bed with her kids.  The tiny 245 sq.  ft space, located in Seattle, Washington, USA, boasts a sizeable bathroom with a sliding pocket door, a kitchenette and a play nook underneath the bed.  Taking to TikTok, the former primary school teacher has hit back at trolls who criticize her decision, by showingcasing her space-saving hacks and the fun she and her sons have in their home.  LAKE CATERS COPY

The property has just 245 sq ft of space (Picture: Jamace Dickerson/ CATERS NEWS)

‘There was a comment about how there was no door to my bathroom, and I did respond and showed them that there’s a pocket door.

‘I also explain the reason why I’m living here and why it’s affordable for me and why I can’t afford anything else.’

In 2020 the family of three moved into a townhouse where there was plenty of room, however, due to COVID-19 they were forced to relocate.

After moving her two sons and herself into her mother’s 10ft x11ft spare room, Jamacé decided it was time for her own space – but with rental prices on the rise, a micro-apartment was all she could afford.

Jamace's son Ronin, right, and Alakai, left

But the mum says her sons like their home (Picture: Jamace Dickerson/ Caters News)

As the mum is receiving treatment for cancer at a hospital nearby, the family can’t move out of the area – so Jamacé has made the most of the family’s less-than-ideal home.

‘Cube storage is number one because they are not as wide as regular shelves so take up less room yet hold a lot more,’ she says of her small space hacks.

‘I have a nine cube dresser which all together has 18 drawers for my clothes and my kids’ clothes. It’s hard to find a dresser that holds that much.

‘I hang up a lot of things. I have hooks for my cooking mitts, broom and mop, mop bucket and dish rack so everything has a place and it doesn’t look cluttered.

The bed in which Alakai and Ronin share

They have to share a bed, but underneath is a secret play area for the boys (Picture: Jamace Dickerson/ Caters News)

‘I try to find anything that can be collapsible. My dish rack and mop bucket can be collapsed and I have them hanging on hooks behind my garbage can. That way they can be stored easier.

‘I also have a collapsible table with stools that fit underneath it to take up less space. But when I need more table room I can put the table together and take the stools out. The table also works for more counter space if I need it.

‘In the bathroom I have a plastic shelf where I hold all my bathroom things since I don’t have a shelf under the sink.

‘A toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder that sticks on the mirror so those things take up less space in my plastic shelf.’

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