Mom Selling Son’s Bed Because He Refuses to Tidy Room Sparks Outrage

A strict mother has sparked concern and criticism on the internet after taking extreme steps to curb her son’s messy habits.

Dispute over untidy rooms is nothing new in terms of family dynamics.

However, one mother appears to have responded to the problem in the most extreme way: by selling her son’s bed and other furniture in his room.

In a Facebook marketplace post allegedly shared on Reddit, the young man’s Ikea Malm double bed is up for sale.

In addition to several photos of the bed, his mother writes that the sale is an act of “hard love” on her part.

“Our son refuses to put the clothes away, so we sold his dresser,” she says. “He won’t make his bed?

To pre-empt any criticism of her approach, she adds, “Please don’t send me a message about how cruel I am – that’s called hard love.”

The concept of tough love, in which parents take tough or stern measures to help their child in the long term, has proven to be a consistently controversial approach.

A 1992 research published by Martha Heineman Pieper and William J. Pieper in the peer-reviewed journal Child welfare, argued that the approach just “doesn’t work”.

“Externally imposed behavioral sanctions are no better suited to transforming teenagers than they are to regulating the behavior of citizens of oppressive governments,” they said. and at worst they lead to open rebellion and defiance. “

While the Reddit post suggests that “hard love” remains a tactic for some parents, the majority appeared to be shocked by the approach.

At the time of writing, the post had received over 12,900 positive votes, with people flocking to condemn the mother’s actions. Blu_Razz was particularly devastating, writing, “The funny thing about all of these ‘hard love’ cases is that very rarely do they even think about adding the ‘love’ part.”

Strain_of_thought argued that, if anything, “hard love” was kind of a slip up when it came to parenting. “Very often, the decisions parents make in the name of ‘hard love’ are suspiciously indistinguishable from the decisions that require the least amount of actual work and parenting,” they said. “If you just throw away all of a child’s belongings, you won’t have to waste your precious time and energy talking to them and trying to understand what is going on.”

“This parent has turned into an overseer,” added Togocann49. “All the lessons you want to teach this child are lost because the child learns only one thing, and that is that the parents are their obstacle in life.”

CreamPuff97, meanwhile, suggested that the woman’s son may act due to deeper underlying issues. “You know I would be willing to suspect that your child is likely to be depressed, which will not help the situation,” they wrote. Either-Coconut agreed, “If the child wasn’t depressed BEFORE their own parents started selling their stuff online as a punishment, they’ll certainly be depressed NOW.”

While you may not know all of the intricacies of the situation at hand, this assessment carries some weight.

According to Embark Behavioral Health, a network of adolescent and young adult therapy centers in the United States, “Disorganization and a messy room can be signs of depression.” More importantly, a parent who reacts angrily to clutter can often make the situation worse. “If a parent rushes their child to clean their room, it could add to and worsen the stress as they may feel even more overwhelming than they actually are, especially if they are depressed,” warns the website.

In a follow-up to the original B1narypwny poster, the mother revealed that the bed had apparently been sold to a “local pastor” who promised to “pray” for her. “As amusing as that was, please retract your claws and don’t call 911,” she added. “That was written with a wink.” The mother insisted that her apparently 21-year-old son was her “best friend” and “likes to sleep on an unframed mattress”.

News week has asked B1narypwny for a comment.

The incident comes just weeks after a teenage girl was forced to fill her parents’ bed with cockroaches after they ignored her warnings of an infestation in her bedroom.

Elsewhere, a mother earned internet contempt after attempting to veto her daughter’s choice of baby name.

A messy bed and an online auction.
Stock images of a messy bed and an online auction. An online listing where a couple stated that they were selling their son’s bed for refusing to make it sparked anger and concern on Reddit.
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