Mom jokingly scolds her husband for the way he puts their daughter to bed: ‘Literally every dad’

This TikTok mom shared the moment she caught her husband playing with their toddler instead of putting her to bed!

Kat Kamalani (@katkamalani) is a parent and fitness enthusiast who shares her fitness routines, along with videos of her adorable kids, on TikTok. Kat recently shared a hilarious video in which she watches her husband putting their daughter to bed on a baby monitor. In the video, Kat scolds her husband after catching him playing with the toddler instead of putting her in bed!

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The video begins with a shot of Kat sitting on the couch, holding the baby monitor in her hands. A caption reads, “POV: You sent your husband to put your toddler back in bed.”

Kat laughs as she watches her husband and toddler on the monitor. “Both of you guys stop horsing around,” she scolds, as she watches her daughter leap from her bed into her dad’s arms.

“Luna, you lay down,” the frustrated mom continues as her husband rocks the toddler in his arms and swings her up and down.

“Daddy, you stop waking Luna up and put her to bed,” she instructs. “It’s nighttime.”

After playing with Luna for another moment, Kat’s husband complies, hugging his daughter and gently placing her back in her bed.

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“Of course he’s the fun dad,” Kat complains. “He’s the fun parent.”

The video ends as Kat begins to laugh, showing that while she may be frustrated, she also appreciates the close relationship between her husband and daughter.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious video and shared some of their own parenting experiences.

“My husband thought wrestling at 8:30pm was a good way to wind down for bedtime,” one viewer recalled.

“Oh man, do I feel this,” another parent wrote.

“It is literally every dad. My hubby is the kids’ best friend and I’m the police,” lamented another parent.

While Kat may be a little frustrated, it’s clear that the whole family is having a fun time!

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