Miniature Cows’ Playtime Before Bed Is Enough to Make Anyone Smile

Poppy and Petunia are the funniest gals!

If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, we’re not sure anything will. Miniature cows Poppy and Petunia are professionals at wooing viewers with their adorable looks, but they took their cuteness to the next level when they went into the arena for some before-bed playtime. Obviously, @katievanslyke’s followers couldn’t get enough!

Her miniature cow duo has already captured thousands of hearts on social media, but this play sesh might just take their fame to the next level. Everyone is positively swooning over them!

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We could watch these girls play all day long! From their zoomies to their head butts, we can tell that there isn’t a dull moment with these two. Did you see the way they ran?

“Petunia said ‘I am speed,’” commenter @brittanyc0610 wrote. She really did! Luckily, Poppy wasn’t far behind, so the gals got to run and play to their little hearts’ content.

@Ridinponies said, “these two cause genuine smiles on my face!” We know exactly what you mean. Their sweet little faces combined with their joyous play–it’s practically cuteness overload! No wonder @mindyadamnbizbish wrote, “I just want you to know I’m obsessed with these babies.” Don’t worry – we are too!

“OMG I just need some mini cows and some mini goats to be fully happy in life,” gushed @awkwardly_me. We know exactly what you mean! Miniature animals are positively precious and oh-so-easy to love–especially when they’re anything like Poppy and Petunia! Everything from their tiny teeth to their curly fur is sure to put a smile on your face.

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