Michael C. Hall says latest ‘Dexter’ finale should put all “hypotheticals to bed”

Michael C. Hall has spoken about how he did the finals. thinks Dexter: New blood will affect the questions he gets about his title character.

The restart of Showtime, which aired its final episode on Sunday (January 9th), is a sequel to Dexter That ended in 2013 after eight seasons and ended with an ambiguous ending that disappointed many fans.

The original ending saw Dexter burying his sister Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) at sea after she was in a coma after a fatal shootout. He then sailed into a hurricane and was later believed dead after parts of his boat were found.

However, it was in New blood that he faked his death and retired from a logging company in Oregon.

Hall has said that in the meantime, between the two shows, he’s been asked many times about his character and whether he’ll be repeating the role. Many fans have told him that they didn’t like the final.

In a new interview, Hall expressed how much fun he had playing Dexter and said he was the final of New blood in which his character is killed by his son Harrison after his previous crimes are exposed by his girlfriend, Sheriff Angelia Bishop, is likely to stop any questions he was asked earlier.

“Playing Dexter all these years has been a kick,” Hall told dem Los Angeles times. “It was an experience I’ve never had and I can’t imagine ever having it again. But the desire to close had to do with the desire to move on.

“Since the end of the series itself, I’ve been asked regularly in interviews or on the street, ‘Are you going to do more? Dexter? Please bring him back. What is this ending about? I hated the ending, I loved the show … “That brings all of these hypotheses to bed.”

He added, “I don’t operate under the illusion that after this show ends, no one will mistake me for Dexter. But that calms this noise down. “

Last year Hall said he understood the frustration of fans who were unhappy with the end of the original show.

“I think the show ended in a way that was pretty mystifying, if not angry, to people at best, but at least that set the stage for us to come back and more definitely answer what the hell happened to this guy”, he said Times radio.

He added that while he supported the “choice” his character had made, “as for the execution, we were all on steam at this point, so I get it”.

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