Men smash door and threaten pensioner in bed before attempting to steal her car and money

An 84-year-old woman was reportedly threatened in her bed after two men smashed her front door and tried to steal her money, car and personal effects.

The incident occurred around 3:30 a.m. on Marford Hill in Marford, Wrexham.

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The woman’s son, Phil Horton, said, “My mother was in bed.

“We have sensors outside of the house. They started when the men must have arrived, and she woke them up.

“She picked up the phone next to her bed to call the police.

“Then all of a sudden she heard them smash the glass next to the door, and then they smashed her front door.”

Mr. Horton claims the men then ran in and picked up her phone.

At 3:24 a.m., the police were called to the scene

He said, “They didn’t touch her or hurt her, but they threatened her and kept asking her where the money was.

“To be honest, there is very little money in the house. They took a maximum of 250 pounds.

“They emptied every single drawer in their room and dumped everything. They took a passport, driver’s license, all their bank cards, their cell phones – everything with them.”

“They tried to take my mother’s car, pulled it off the driveway onto the lawn, and then left the car there.

“It rolled down the driveway into the hedges so the car is now damaged.”

The North Wales Police have now removed the car for their investigation.

Mr. Horton says his mother is recovering from the incident.

He said: “You didn’t think something happened, but I’m waiting for it to hit the fan afterwards.

“She struggles on her feet, but she’s a tough old man and she’s perfectly fine at the moment.”

However, the North Wales family and police are urging information about the crime.

Mr. Horton said, “The men wore dark clothes, gloves and masks – so that no one could see anything.

“The police looked at the surveillance cameras but couldn’t see anyone.”

He asks if anyone has video surveillance or seen anything in the Marford Hill area to contact the North Wales Police.

North Wales Police said: “We received a call this morning (Monday) at 3:24 am reporting an attempted break-in at an address in Marford.

“Officials were present and our investigation is ongoing.”

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