Memes & Tweets About ‘DWTS’ Janet Jackson Night: Olivia Jade Eliminated

Dance with the stars just took the audience on an escapade. It was Janet Jackson Night on the November 8th episode of DWTS – or Ms. Jackson if you’re angry. Before the stars took the stage, Jackson blessed the audience with a rare surprise appearance live from her London home, sharing how “honored” she felt for the show to celebrate her music. “I think it’s great,” she said. “I love all kinds of dance. It’s a different way of expressing yourself. If you don’t do it with words, you can also express yourself through dance. “

Since this was the last episode before the semifinals, contestants had to bring everything to get through. Every celebrity had two opportunities to distinguish themselves from the jury and the audience with their typical solo routine and a special dance-off that gave them the opportunity to collect bonus points. Stars like Amanda Kloots, Suni Lee and JoJo Siwa soared while others like Olivia Jade and Melora Hardin were in danger, despite hitting some of the night’s highest scores.

But it was the double elimination that got Twitter into high gear, with viewers celebrating the loss of one candidate and mourning the other.

JoJo Siwa & Olivia Jade’s Dance-Off

Each star had the chance to earn two bonus points from the jury by competing against each other in a dance-off. Each pairing would adopt the same genre, and the judges gave points to the duo that created the better routine. In the ultimate Gen Z showdown, JoJo Siwa and Olivia Jade faced each other, ie their partners, the married couple Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson, also competed against each other. The couples played a sensual rumba to Jackson’s smoldering hit, “That’s the Way Love Goes,” and while they both brought the heat, it was Siwa who prevailed, and Twitter seemed to approve of the results.

Suni Lee’s Samba

In the past few weeks, Lee has been criticized by the judges for not being “confident” enough during her otherwise impressive routines. That was not the case on Janet night. Olympian and partner Sasha Farber played a samba set to Jackson’s 2001 hit “All For You,” and she really let her personality take center stage, with her routine coming straight out of a Miami Beach resort. The jury loved how much fun Lee had on stage and gave her one of the few perfect scores of the evening. It was a comeback after an illness last week.

Twitter was pleased with this elimination

Two more contestants had to leave the competition before the semi-finals, and some fans were long overdue. The bottom three pairings were Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy, Jimmie Allen and Emma Slater, and Melora Hardin and Artem Chigvintsev. The candidate with the lowest combined scores and votes was automatically eliminated, meaning Jade was sent home without the jury being able to save her. But instead of mourning the loss, many fans on Twitter shared their excitement through memes.

Jade’s automatic removal meant the judges had to save either Allen or Hardin from elimination. All of the judges told Allen how much he had improved on the show, but they eventually got the country singer up on appeal The office star’s high scores for the night and consistently impressive routines throughout the show. Still, viewers thought Allen deserved a spot in the semifinals – and got mad at host Tyra Banks when she apparently interrupted him before the show ended.

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