Man’s ‘very British’ letter to person he found in bed with his wife goes viral

A man who came home to discover his wife in bed with another man left a hilarious passive-aggressive note that went viral.

Described as “very British” and “brilliantly passive aggressive”, the note was shared widely online and generated over 600 comments.

He titled the original Reddit post: “Came home to my partner’s house with someone else in bed! I’m pretty sure that I hit the right note? “

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He passed the message to the other man, writing, “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you are sleeping with someone who is married and we don’t have an open relationship, so you shouldn’t really be messing with them.

“I appreciate that things can get lonely so you don’t mind if you stop by for a brew while I’m out and about, but in the future, could you please let me know so I can please my car for You can move. “

One joked, “That ‘hey’ is a bit confrontational. Turn it back a little.”

“I’m British and I can’t figure out if the sarcasm is Olympic level or if I’ve missed something. asked member Flex.

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