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The man turned an old tv into a bed for his cat and the photos are adorable to watch.

People who keep cats as pets know all about their peculiar behavior and habits. Cats love to explore new places which is a fact that their humans know. What a man did for his pet cat would melt your heart as it is so adorable. The man turned his old tv into a bed for his cat to rest.

A Twitter user shared phots of the cat bed and it has received more than 2.22 lakh likes. “My dad bought an old tv and gutted it to turn it into a cat bed,” the user wrote as caption to the photos. The photos show the old tv set that has been turned into a cat bed. The cat is also seen resting in the bed and it is just adorable to watch.

See the post below:

In another tweet, she shared how the original brightness knob on the front also acted as a dimmer switch for the light.

A Twitter user shared how he did something similar with iMacs a couple of months back.

A Twitter user had a query regarding the cat’s behaviour. “Very un-cat like that the cat actually uses it rather than ignoring it completely,” they wrote. To which the original poser replied, “I had to put catnip in there to entice her.”

See some funny tweets of netizens responding to her post below:

“So amazing. love it Just a terrific piece of furniture too with the speaker down at the bottom,” posted another Twitter user.


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