Man set fire to Southend Travelodge hotel room in ‘breakdown’

A man set fire to a hotel room at the Essex Travelodge before hitting an employee who came to investigate.

Ryan Sadler reportedly hit a rock bottom on June 30 this year after losing his grandfather and ending his 16-year relationship, forcing him to move back in with his parents.

The Links, 31-year-old Billericay said he went to the Travelodge hotel on Chichester Road, Southend-on-Sea, who he claimed verbally insulted, as an “escape” from his parents.

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However, when he could not sleep while thinking about the events of his life from the previous year, he suffered a “breakdown” and started a fire on the bed.

Although he extinguished the fire shortly afterwards, it drew the attention of the hotel staff, one of whom was visiting the room.

At Sadler’s hearing in Basildon Crown Court on Thursday, Jan.

“He opened the door and saw that there was essentially a fire. There was fire damage to the bed and the mattress.

“The employee asked him to open the window, but he pulled it tight and then slapped the employee in the face.

“He ran away through the fire escape.”

Lucy Kinder mitigated by saying that Sadler was “thoroughly and thoroughly ashamed” of what he had done.

She said: “His grandfather died in 2019, he separated from his long-time partner of 16 in 2020 and had to move into his parents’ house during the pandemic, and he cannot get along with those parents.”

“They were verbally and emotionally abusive and made him feel trapped, especially during the pandemic period. He felt like he just had to go.”

“Travelodge was a place just to get away for one night. He couldn’t sleep and described it as a breakdown and he completely lost it.”

Ms. Kinder said Sadler has not had any mental health problems in the past but has taken steps to move out of the situation and is now living with his uncle trying to get an apartment of his own.

Judge Samantha Cohen said Sadler’s actions were “outrageous, shameful and criminal” but accepted that it was atypical of him.

She gave him an 18-month community arrangement with 30 days of rehabilitation and 100 hours of unpaid work.

Sadler is required to pay Travelodge and the employee a total of £ 800 in compensation.

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