Man Hides Under Bed from His Sneaky Link’s Husband and Goes Viral

Man Hides Under Bed from His Sneaky Link's Husband

Facebook just keeps getting wilder and wilder. This past Monday, a user by the name of Darius Head posted to his stories on the app and caused a huge stir! Man hides under bed from his sneaky link’s husband? Get into this craziness below…

According to the young man, he was boo’d up with his sneaky link when her husband returned from work early and he had to take shelter… under their bed.

Upon her “main man’s” arrival back home, things took an unexpected turn, and let’s just say, you’d never guess what happened next.

It seems that the woman, whose contact name is “Bre” in the side dude’s phone, and her hubby got a little frisky in the sheets.

Mr. Head caught the whole ordeal on camera, well… audio, and he gave updates on his story.

As for what happened after all of this? We have no clue. However, we’re more than positive that things probably didn’t end too well, but hopefully, Head made it out safely! Looks like no more sneaking and linking will be happening… any time soon.

See official footage + screenshots below!

Man hides under bed from his sneaky link’s husband

Man Hides Under Bed from His Sneaky Link's Husband

Man Hides Under Bed from His Sneaky Link's Husband

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments!

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