Man Drank 6 Glow Sticks Before Bed, Here’s What Happened

What happened, man drank six glow sticks

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  • This is the story of a man identified as “AC” who drank six glow sticks because the package told him not to do it and he did not listen to packages
  • The story tells us about a man who, while working from home, got lost by corporate culture and started beating in weird ways
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Poison control center calls increase around Halloween and July 4th each year. This happens because people are breaking out the glow sticks for these holidays and many people either accidentally ingest these glow sticks.

Then there are people like the man below. Dr. Bernard tells us the story of a man who drank six glow sticks because the package forbade him to do so. He ended up in the emergency room, writhing in pain and talking nonsense.

You can check out the video below or I typed most of the video too if you prefer to read:

This is about a man who drank the liquid from 6 glow sticks before going to bed. The 26-year-old later came to the emergency room with symptoms of nausea and insomnia.

Things got off to a strange start when the man known as ‘AC’ told the emergency room nurse that “he was about to re-enter the evolutionary plane above man”. That’s the kind of stuff I’d expect you to hear the tweaker speak outside of 7-Eleven at 3 a.m., and it’s the kind of conversation that immediately sends out red flags that someone’s mind is not working properly.

Dr. Bernard, the narrator in this video, tells us that AC’s life has been a struggle since he graduated from college and entered professional life. Then, when the world switched to a work-at-home model over the past two years, AC could no longer focus on work or anything else.

Soon the coworkers he started his career with were being promoted while he lingered and was unable to do subordinate tasks. He said he despised everything to do with large corporations (like the one he worked for) and this sparked the discussion about evolutionary levels.

AC believed he had “a higher purpose in life” and that there was an “evolutionary level to rise to” while all worker bees in the corporations were meant to hang around doing nothing of importance. So of course he chugged a couple of glow sticks.

It happened the day before a Halloween party when he found a pack of glow sticks in his car emergency kit. The label clearly stated “do not puncture” and “do not drink or ingest”. Dr. Bernard tells us that AC was upset that the package had the audacity to tell him what to do. The man who is destined to rise to a higher level of reality does not listen to packages!

So AC went to the store and bought a pack of large glow sticks and told himself that the glow stick can’t tell him what to do. Then he cracked the glow sticks and began to drink. The liquid burned his mouth and throat, but he continued to drink the poisonous liquid. Apparently he was disappointed that it wasn’t a blue raspberry flavor which, frankly, is an odd taste to expect from glow sticks.

Within hours, the pain became so intense that he had to call 911.

Overall, his body was tortured, but glow sticks are not “acutely toxic”. The parts inside a glow stick can be a choking hazard, but the chemicals inside are generally not lethal. But you still want to keep them as far from the inside of your body as possible.

If you accidentally ingest the liquid from glow sticks, you should call Poison Control. Be careful and use your common sense.


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