Man, 71, admits stabbing wife to death while she lay in bed but denies murder

David Maggs admitted killing Linda Maggs at her home in Sebastopol, Pontypool, on February 6 last year – but claims he was “hidden” and does not remember the event

David Maggs, 71, denies murder but admits he killed his wife Linda

A court heard a man who stabbed his wife “resented her” for divorcing him.

David Maggs, 71, has admitted killing Linda Maggs at her home in Sebastopol, Pontypool, on February 6 last year – but denies the murder.

Instead, he pleaded guilty of reduced responsibility for manslaughter, claiming that he “blanked out” and did not remember the incident.

Cardiff Crown Court heard Wednesday that the couple had been married for 18 years but that their relationship had broken up until March 2020.

Ms. Maggs, who was 74 years old at the time of her death, filed for divorce because of “her husband’s unacceptable conduct”.

Linda Maggs was 74 when she was stabbed



Mrs. Maggs had filed for divorce, the court heard



Prosecutor Michael Jones QC told the jury that he “carried out this threat on February 6, 2021 and murdered Linda Maggs”.

The court announced that shortly after 9 a.m., Maggs took two large kitchen knives upstairs to Ms. Maggs’ bedroom, one of which was taken and the other left in front of the door.

Maggs told police officers that he sat on her bed and asked to speak to her about the financial aspects of their divorce, but she told him to “get out and leave it to the lawyers.”

Ms. Maggs was brutally stabbed to death in her home



That made him angry, he said; however, he claims he cannot remember what happened next.

Mr. Jones said that when police officers discovered Ms. Maggs, she was “viciously and repeatedly” stabbed in the neck, chest, abdomen and arms.

Maggs had called police 999 and said to the attendant, “I just killed the woman.”

He said to PC Rebecca Cousins, who was checking on the defendant while he sat downstairs in the house, “I’ve just had enough.

She tried to steal two houses from me, two houses. “

When asked by officers at the Ystrad Mynach Police Station why he took two knives with him to speak to his wife, he said it was because she could be “Bolshie” and “a woman”.

Maggs’ defense team, led by Sarah Jones QC, is expected to argue that the defendant was unable to rationalize or control his actions because of “moderate depression”, the court said.

In his opening speech, Mr. Jones said, “The indictment is that even if the defendant was moderately depressed at the time, which we deny, it does not absolve him, let alone reduce his responsibility.

“That on that day, as a bitter divorce came to an end, the financial aspect was still being actively investigated, the accused, whether angry or frustrated or both, knew exactly what he was doing when he took those knives out of his pocket Kitchen, went upstairs and stabbed his wife.

“The defendant considered and threatened to do so more than once in the months and days before her death. And on February 6, 2021, he followed up on that threat and murdered Linda Maggs.”

The prosecutor continued: “His remarks to various people before the murder and to the police in the house – quoting ‘I’ve had just enough, she tried to steal two houses from me, two houses’ – could give some reasons for his actions.

“Like his comments to the police when he was taken to the Ystrad Mynach police station and said, quote, ‘I’ve been married to her for 30 years and she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut, so I outdid her.” ‘. “

He added: “At no point does the defendant express remorse or regret that he stabbed Linda. In fact, we say the constant emotion exhibited by this defendant from the first 999 call on is hostility and anger towards Linda, then self-pity. “

The trial, which takes place in front of Judge Michael Fitton QC, is expected to take about four weeks.


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