Main Street store owners open bed and bath shop | Business

Now, with a brand new store, shoppers in downtown Waynesville can add bedroom and bathroom products and decorations to the list of things they can find locally with a brand new store.

On the corner of Church Street and North Main Street, The Kitchen Shop’s new sister store, Bed and Bath of Waynesville, opened next door so customers can buy their cookware and linens in one great shopping spree.

The Kitchen Shop is a long-running store facility that originally opened in 1993. Leanne and Mark Patterson bought The Kitchen Shop in 2018 and moved here from Charleston, South Carolina to pursue their dream of both owning a business and living in the mountains.

Over the years, Leanne Patterson noticed people asking for items that didn’t fit into the kitchen category – tissues, towels, blankets. She couldn’t find a local store to buy a comforter for her own bedroom and found the experience of buying something so personal online to be deficient.

“I realized that there was really nowhere else to buy in this area except in Highlands or Asheville, and even there the options are limited,” said Patterson.

When she heard the store front next to The Kitchen Shop, which was formerly used by the Green Hill Gallery, became available, it was another chance to expand her dream and settle in a niche market that Haywood County’s residents needed.

“I asked my husband what he thought of starting a bed and bathing business and he said it was a great idea,” she said.

Resurgence of local shopping

Bed and Bath of Waynesville opened in July due to positive feedback from locals and visitors. Patterson notes that over the past year people have developed a renewed sense of loyalty to the “local shop” mindset.

“Most people are excited to go shopping in a small shop in a great city like Waynesville and see what they buy. They want to touch it, they want to feel it, ”she said.

She often sees customers in the Asheville, Florida area vacationers and second home owners stopping by in search of products to use for their home beautification.

However, opening a new business in an ongoing pandemic presents unique challenges. While the store’s debut came long after the necessary business closings suffered by many other small businesses, Patterson quickly felt the effects of supply chain problems.

Shelf and display options were hard to come by, and it took weeks for reordered products to even fill the store. But after five months, Bed and Bath of Waynesville is now full to the brim with everything you need to make a house feel more like a home or a vacation rental more like a home away from home.

“We can help beautify the mountain home, but we can also just create a classic, timeless look,” said Patterson.

The store carries a wide variety of products such as bath towels, shower curtains, towel rails, towel warmers, and luxury hand soaps. For the bedroom there are pillows, duvets, duvets, comforters, blankets, sheets and pillowcases. In addition, a children’s area offers towels and blankets with hoods, night lights for forest animals, unique bath accessories and much more.

Popular brands in the store include Peacock Alley, Park Design, Pom Pom Home, Garnier Thiebaut, C&F Home, and Bamboo is Better. In many cases, when a customer doesn’t see a size, color, or product they want, Patterson can arrange for the order and even shipping.

“Local pillows,” featuring Waynesville, Maggie Valley, and Lake Junaluska, are popular souvenirs for outsiders and a great way for others to display their homeland pride in their homes and cabins.

When it comes to providing gifts, decorations and supplies for almost every room in the home, customers don’t have to look much further than Bed and Bath of Waynesville.

“Our locals are just really excited to have us here, and so are we,” Patterson said.


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