London’s medieval banqueting hall made residents ‘cry in bed’ due to noise and smoke

East London residents have shared their “shock and horror” at living next to a seditious and chaotic medieval banquet hall that kept them up at night.

Residents of Wapping described how noisy drunken “revelers” regularly wreaked havoc in the ballroom.

Often times, noise, smoke, and covering the area with litter and vomit keep residents awake.

One resident said the novel medieval venue was so awful that she moved to tears and forced her to move from her home in St. Katherine’s Docks.

Another, who had lived in the city for 20 years, said the spectacle of rowdy groups in period costume contributed to the rise in anti-social behavior there.

The Medieval Banquet was a formidable dining room near the Tower of London in 1529 with a cast of medieval characters.

Entertainments included the court of Henry VIII, where fools and knights in full armor appeared fighting on the dining room floor.

The guests could dress up in medieval costumes and enjoy a four-course menu and drinks during the festivities.

The medieval banquet closed in November 2020 after over 40 years.

The building’s owners are now applying for their license to be renewed to bring something new to the site.

Residents of St. Katherine’s Docks have reacted angrily to the request and urged the council to turn it down.

A person who lived directly above the exit to the ballroom said: “I remember so vividly my very first night in my apartment when I bought it, my absolute shock and horror when I had to go up cigarette smoke for hours and” in my bedroom window.

“Then at the end of the event, which had to endure about 30 minutes of rowdy, drunk guests leaving the premises, regardless of the tranquility and tranquility of the dock and regardless of the residents who sleep in the apartments above.

“I remember so vividly that the first night I cried in bed because I wasn’t aware of how disruptive the medieval banquet was … I felt like I had made a big mistake.”

The ballroom was part of the ivory house in the middle of the harbor basin, which is shared with several apartments.

Another angry local said, “The facade of my house regularly echoes with the noises of drunken groups wandering the dock in the early hours of the morning.

“I’m starting to fear the warmer months that are coming [an] Increase in the number of visitors under the influence of alcohol or drugs in our neighborhood. “

A resident of St. Katherine’s Docks added that they were molested by drunk customers trying to get into their home.

They said, “I am forced to go through large groups and ask that people leave the gate so that I can enter.

“I have seen insults, insults, numerous comments on the subject of ‘owning a yacht’ and often felt threatened.

“The area around the marina entrance is often soiled with vomit, broken glass and urine.”

In a letter to the council for a new license, the venue’s owners said it would serve a different purpose in the future, with less negative impact on residents.

They said: “Themed evenings are no longer in vogue and the space is also too big for a conventional restaurant or bar.

“Finally an experienced event provider, Best Experienced Live (” BEL “) is about to exchange contracts on site.”

They added, “Unlike a banquet with a fixed start and end location, where guests tend to arrive and leave in droves, visitors to exhibitions, corporate events, markets, etc. tend to come and go.

“Although there will be some events where guests usually arrive and depart at set times, they won’t be in the same high spirits as at a medieval banquet.”


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