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Lisa Snowdon will appear in an I’m A Celebrity special from Catchphrase tonight with Sair Khan and Jordan North. Ms. Snowdon has enjoyed success as a television and radio host and model, and has also made friends with Hollywood’s biggest stars. That included an on-off relationship with George Clooney that lasted five years after they met on the set of a martini commercial in 2000. The high-profile relationship caught attention and resulted in awkward moments, as Ms. Snowdon once revealed.

She told The Mirror that many people have asked for very private information about Mr. Clooney.

Ms. Snowdon said, “People actually ask me how he was in bed, usually after a few drinks made them brave.

“They say, ‘But seriously, how was it? How was he?’ I never tell

“I think sometimes it’ll be on my headstone – ‘George Clooney was out with Lisa Snowdon once.'”

Ms. Snowdon told Hello magazine in 2011 that despite the split, she was still on good terms with Mr. Clooney.

She said, “We’re friends. I’ve come back with George a few times, and I’ve come back with other exes too, because at times I felt like it was a safe place.

“But you have to realize that you broke up for a reason.”

During her 2016 appearance on I’m a Celebrity, Ms. Snowdon spoke about her friendship with another Hollywood star – Matt Damon.

She said, “He came to my birthday party, he’s really nice.

“I got very close to his wife when I was with someone else, he’s a good guy and we stayed with him and all.”

After starring in “I’m a Celebrity,” Ms. Snowdon gave her opinion on how to get through the show after Richard Madeley sadly had to drop out.

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Ms. Snowdon also backed Frankie Bridge to win the show.

She continued, “I’m Team Frankie all the time because she’s a buddy.

“I was at the camp with her husband Wayne, when I heard her go into the castle, I thought, ‘What ?!’

“I would much rather be in Australia. Not for Wales, but this time of year …

“It’s a super fun experience and you have to grab it and get started.

“I didn’t know Frankie was going in, but I sent Wayne a few messages.

“She’s amazing – down to earth, gorgeous, funny and brilliant.”

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