Lisa Rinna’s Daughter Shares Photo From Hospital Bed?

Lisa Rinna was called out for pushing her daughters boundaries on social media. During Christmas 2021, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star shared a video of Amelia Hamlin and Delilah Hamlin dancing without her consent. Amelia told her mother that she wished she had kept the video to herself. Rinna deleted the video but recreated it.

Meanwhile, Delilah struggles with her mental health. She first opened up in an Instagram video that went viral at the time. She asked her mother, Lisa Rinna, and her father, Harry Hamlin, to pay for her trauma therapy. Delilah entered rehab for her Xanax addiction.

Delilah Hamlin shares a health update

The 23-year-old took to her Instagram Stories to share an update with her fans. You’ve been wondering how she’s been feeling since the last time she called out Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin on TikTok. Delilah shared a photo of herself on a hospital bed. Her arm was attached to an IV. She decided it was a good time to share this health update with her fans.

On her Instagram Story, Delilah said she’s had both “good days and bad days.” Her fans are worried about her health. So she realized she couldn’t hide anymore. Delilah shared the current status of her health. She also revealed that she is currently in the hospital.

“I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my health lately. I have good days and bad days. I’m trying my best to get by, but sometimes I just can’t. So I just got an IV and am now in bed at 8pm on a Saturday night.”

Lisa Rinna’s daughter has been candid about her health on social media. However, this is the first update in almost two months. This comes amid Delilah’s accidental overdose. The model has weathered many health setbacks over the past year and how her negative reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine caused migraines, panic attacks and an extreme form of obsessive-compulsive disorder that led to a fear of eating meat.

Delilah Hamlin's Xanax Addiction [Credit: Delilah Hamlin/Instagram]
[Credit: Delilah Hamlin/Instagram]

Medical emergencies of Lisa Rinna’s daughter

Amelia admitted in a previous Instagram video that her psychiatrist had “overprescribed” her Xanax. She felt both “hopeless” and “helpless.” Her “overdose” prompted her to seek professional help at a holistic treatment facility. Amelia also asked that Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin pay for their treatment.

“My body became addicted to Xanax, number one and number two, I overdosed — I didn’t want to at all — I overdosed on this one drug called propranolol,” she said at the time. “I took Benadryl and ended up in the hospital for some reason.”

Delilah Hamlin is open about mental health [Credit: Delilah Hamlin/Instagram]
[Credit: Delilah Hamlin/Instagram]

Delilah’s struggles come shortly after her split from island of love Alum Eyal, which was mutual. The couple first started dating in 2019. He even performed RHOBH Season 11. Delilah ended their relationship late last year. Now she is focused on her mental and physical health. Lisa Rinna hasn’t shared her thoughts on her daughter’s struggles, but she may save that for the twelfth season of the Bravo show.

Delilah Hamlin's health update [Credit: Delilah Hamlin/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Delilah Hamlin/Instagram Stories]

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