Lighthouse Recovery seeking bed sponsorships | News

Lighthouse Recovery Services markets its annual bed sponsorships to meet customer needs throughout their time at the facility.

According to Jennifer Blaisdell, an AmeriCorps VISTA with Lighthouse Recovery Services, the monies brought in from bed sponsorship help meet a variety of needs for clients, including toiletries, linens, toiletries, recovery books, stationery items including notebooks, kitchen supplies, maintenance needs and Cleaning supplies.

She said that customers who enter either of the two lighthouse facilities will not have a job for the first 30 days and therefore will not be able to purchase many of the necessary items.

Holding bed sponsorships to meet this need is one way to keep costs more affordable for customers, she said.

“It only helps us to take care of them because they are in the house for six months, but for the first 30 days they can’t have a job and they can’t really feed themselves and they can’t really buy it all,” she said . “Bed sponsorship is a very important fundraiser that we run because we don’t have the funds for every customer who comes in and everything they need.”

According to Derrick Arthur, executive director of the facility, the cost of these necessary items is well in excess of $ 100 per bed.

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“Detergents alone cost about $ 300 a month,” he said. “If you do that for 12 months, that’s more than we ask. What we ask doesn’t even include toilet paper and cleaning supplies. I think that’s the only thing that helps people realize that we’re taking on a lot more cost here. We just ask if there is a way to support someone with a small contribution to these costs, just take care of them and keep the costs down. “

Arthur said Lighthouse originally started running its bed sponsorship campaigns to bring Sandy’s House women’s facility up and running in June 2019.

There are a total of 44 beds between the facilities for men and women. The goal, he said, is to get a $ 100 sponsorship for at least each of those beds.

Last year, he said, that goal was exceeded.

“We got a great response last year,” he said. “We only asked about $ 100 per bed. At least reaching the target of $ 100 per bed would be great, but if we beat it this year I would be even more excited. “


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