Laptop tables are of great utility, they work well as study, bed tables too

If you work from home, you will likely never be able to stay in one place all the time. If you have a family and children, it is almost impossible to have a steady job. There may be times when you need to work from your bed or sofa when your family has a video call and you need a room to yourself. In such situations, laptop tables make a major contribution to mobility and flexibility.

In addition, these tables can also be used as work tables / bedside tables. So in case you’re planning on picking one, here’s a list to keep in mind.

1) Gizga Essentials Portable and Foldable Multipurpose Wooden Desk for Bed Tray, Laptop Table, Work Table (Black)


This multipurpose table can be used as a bed table, laptop and work table. Made of high quality plywood with aluminum legs, it is suitable for all types of work. The table can accommodate all laptop sizes available on the market. Its top plate is made of 15mm clipboard, which gives it a smooth finish. With its ergonomic design, sitting and working and writing becomes child’s play. Since it is light and foldable, it is easy to transport.

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 39 x 24 centimeters

MRP: 1,999.00
Price: 573.00

2) OFIXO multipurpose laptop table


With this multipurpose table you can work, watch, play or study without leaving your bed. This table is ready to use even when you take it out of the box. It consists of powder-coated metal tubes and wood-based panels. It has good compression resistance (does not compress over time).

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 61 x 335 x 305 centimeters


MRP: 1,999.00
Price: 549.00

3) Callas foldable multipurpose laptop table with cup holder


Whether you’re a lazy bum who doesn’t like to move out of your comfortable bed or a person recovering from an operation, this multipurpose laptop table is for you. You can use your laptop for hours. It’s ideal for all sizes of laptops. You can also use tablets and phones of all sizes. There is also space for a mouse and books. It comes with an integrated iPad stand slot (for holding an iPad or Kindle). There is also a table cup holder. It has W-shaped legs that provide stability and flexibility. They are non-slip and can also be folded.

Item dimensions (LxWxH): 60 x 40 x 26 centimeters

Price (standard size):
MRP: 1,999.00
Price: 849.00

4) KATRODIYA laptop bed tray table, laptop desk for bed


This multipurpose laptop table comes with a tablet, phone and a glass holder slot. The slot can also be used to store your phone, pen and mouse. The table is made of MDF (a type of wood material), a solid wood chipboard. Its curved ergonomic design makes it easier to sit and work. It’s also corrosion free.

MRP: 999.00
Price: 254.00

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