Lana Del Rey on Her Career: ‘I’m Grateful for All the Criticism’

Lana Del Rey received the Decade Award on December 4th diversity Hitmakers Brunch in Los Angeles. After she had presented the award from her “Wildflower Wildfire” employee Mike Dean, she thanked many people who have helped her along the way.

“My superiors helped me up the stairs,” she said. “I still haven’t mastered the art of running in heels. I am very grateful to you, Ben [Mawson] and Ed [Millett], and for this award. I am really glad that you are here with me. They picked me out of the bar scenes, lounge singer scenes that I sang in for about eight years before I met them. They got me out of a deal I made over 11 records for nine grand while working in a restaurant and living in a trailer park. Ben did it in an hour and then the next day he flew me to London and let me stay with him. In a year I wrote ‘Video Games’ and was ready to make good records, I was ready to make a lot of records. “

“Thanks very much, Diversity,“Continued the singer. “I’m really always grateful for every recognition and also super grateful for all the criticism – I get a lot. The good thing is that I really believe that what is being thrown back at you is in some ways a mirror of what is going on inside your inner life. It has given me a huge opportunity to look inside and look at my family of origin and ancestry, to see what is going on up there. “

“I want to take a minute and think about my grandma who fell ill two days ago,” she continued. “I got every lightness, wit and goodness in me pretty special from her, so I really hope that she will change for the better in Nordland before I get there. I have been very fortunate to have followed my muse for the past 18 years since I was 18. Sometimes that took me very far away from music and into other media and other job opportunities that have nothing to do with art. I am very flexible and understand that if you follow your interests you will end up being the most creative in the field. Even if you get 9-5 after receiving the Decade Award, you have to do what feels right. I always like to say that the way I live my life is my poetry, my lovemaking is my legacy and I can make music in between. “

Del Rey was honored with diversity‘s Decade Award at this year’s Hitmakers event. In an interview with diversity For the annual edition, which celebrates the greatest stars in music, Del Rey reflected on her career from “Video Games” to “Blue Banisters”. “I can’t say how much I’ve influenced anything,” said Del Rey. “But I can say that all of my creative cosplay – aka Notes From My Real Life – has expanded the sound in popular music to make people say goodbye to a pure pop sound to something more diary.”

Check out the full speech below:

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