Kourtney Hints at Using Handcuffs in Bed With Travis

It’s not a secret Kourtney Kardashian and her fiancé, Travis Barker, have a noticeable sexual chemistry. After all, the former Keeping up with the Kardashians star and the drummer from Blink-182 can’t keep their hands off each other … no matter where they are! However, it looks like the lovebirds who got engaged on October 17th may have found a solution.

Kourtney, 42, went to her Instagram story on Friday October 22nd to share a photo of handcuffs on a bed. Not only that, but the founder of Poosh.com featured 45-year-old Travis in the sharp post.

Upon further inspection, the handcuffs are engraved with “enfants riches déprimés”, which means “depressive rich children” in English. In addition, Enfants Riches Déprimés is a Paris and Los Angeles-based luxury fashion brand created by. Founded Henri Levy.

NSFW alert!  Kourtney Kardashian marks fiancé Travis Barker in a photo of handcuffs on a bed
Courtesy of Kourtney Kardashian / Instagram

Considering that Kourtney shared the photo of the handcuffs just hours after Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen were unveiled as the couple’s first Halloween couple costume in 2021, they could only have been a prop, as the infamous couple were once handcuffed together posed.

That said, Kourtney and Travis have both pointed out their passionate sex lives several times, sharing NSFW posts of their underwear and photos of them packing on the PDA. Just last week, the father of two who shares teenage Alabama and Landon with his ex-wife Shanna MoaklerHe posted his own black and white photo of spike handcuffs.

In spring the E! Alaun even shared an article on Poosh.com entitled “ROUGH SEX: LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT?”

“It’s not for everyone, but we’re fans and wanted to investigate the preference for kinky bedrooms,” the blog post began earlier Casey Tanner, the founder of QueerSexTherapy, gave her professional opinion on this topic. “Contrary to popular belief, our sexual fantasies don’t necessarily reflect what we enjoy in our non-sexual lives,” Tanner explained.

“For example, people who are submissive in bed often lead fairly dominant lives in their careers and vice versa,” they added. “That is the power of the sexual fantasy: That we can, for a short time, open up parts of ourselves that we have no access to in our daily life.”

astrologer Jasmine Alejandrez-Prasad, known as Esoteric Esa, suggested that Kourtney and Travis’ sexual compatibility is literally in the stars.

“Mars is the planet of passion, lust and war. Mars placements can tell us how couples see each other physically and whether it will last or fizzle out, ”Esa explained in an exclusive interview with Life & style. “No Mars-compatible placements can make a connection feel dull and more like friends, but that’s not the case with these two.”

Travis “has a sun in Scorpio,” she remarked. “Scorpio rules sex, mystery and gives this bad boy fascination. Kourtney finds this very fascinating because she has Scorpio in her 8th house so he activates her wildest dreams and allows her to be full 50 shades of gray in their connection. His Mars is in Cancer. Mars is a fire planet and Cancer is a watermark. He likes partners with a small advantage, but he doesn’t like drama. “

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