Knaresborough Bed Race to return for 2022

Knaresborough Bed Race across the river in 2019. Pictured Gerard Binks

Held since 1966 and dubbed one of the largest community events on public roads in the north of England, the event will take place on Saturday 11th June.

“Race beds in Knaresborough combine a fabulous mix of strenuous athletic competition with a majestic, if somewhat eccentric, theme of the year pageant of decorated beds and runners,” said Lions Organizing Committee Chairman Kevin Lloyd.

“The theme for 2022 is ‘The environment: reduce, reuse and recycle’.

“Teams can interpret this as they see fit and, as always, the broadest range is encouraged.

“You can even reuse and recycle decorations from previous years. As always, the focus is on having fun on this great family day, which has sparked the imagination of people all over the world. ”

Kevin added, “We are getting a lot of interest and Knaresborough bed races have produced similar events in many countries.

“When budding organizers get in touch, we give them copies of our forms, promotional materials, and lots of helpful advice.

“At the top of the list, however, we say they really want a rugged old town with medieval lanes, a river that runs through a gorge and big enough for swimming, and panoramic views of some of the best scenery anyone has found anywhere .

“If you don’t have that, then we wish you the best of luck.”

Despite the necessary cancellations of the Bed Race in 2020 and 2021, the Knaresborough Lions found a healthy appetite to resume the event.

And the plans for the event next year will hardly change compared to what has characterized the event since 1966.

“We’re going to make sure it stays one of the nicest, funniest and most intense encounters on the Yorkshire annual sports calendar,” added Kevin.

The course is over 2.4 miles long and takes you through parkland, the glories of Waterside, through Nidd Gorge, up the almost steep Castle Ings, through the cobblestone street of town, down Bond End to the High Bridge, through McIntosh Park and ends with a 35-meter swim through the always icy and fast-flowing waters of the River Nidd.

In the past, the fastest completed the route in less than 14 minutes, the slowest in a little more than double the time.

There are prizes for the fastest teams in different categories, for the best-dressed beds, and for entertaining teams.

Entry forms will be posted on the Bed Race website on January 1st, 2022 and teams must register before the end of February.

Kevin confirmed that the racing field is for 90 teams and their beds and that a public lottery will be held in March if necessary to determine the final racing ticket.

Bed Race is organized by volunteers from the Knaresborough Lions Club and provides a vehicle to raise money for charity and good causes.

The event will cost approximately £ 30,000 to run, which includes fees for road closures, traffic management, barriers, licenses, printing, signage, equipment and materials rental.

Lions seek to meet these costs through sponsorship, advertising in and sale of a printed event program, team entry fees, and income from viewers entering Conyngham Hall fields (per program or £ 3 per adult), and other charitable contributions.

Any funds raised beyond the cost will go to Lions charities, at least 80 percent of which will be donated to local charities.

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