Keystone Light and Realtree’s truck bed pool is just what you need to cool off this summer

The idea of ​​using the bed of a pickup truck as a swimming pool (lounging pool?) is nothing new.

It can be as easy as lining the bed with a tarp and turning on the garden hose.

But Keystone Light and Realtree have a better looking solution that can also be used as a cooler.

The Keystone Light x Realtree Limited Edition Custom Camo Wav3 is a liner that measures 66″x62″x21″ and can be yours for $250.

Or you could enter the sweepstakes to win not only the pool but also other Keystone Light x Realtree merchandise such as a cooler, mug, sweatshirt, beer sling or sunglasses.

According to the official rules, 2,149 prizes will be awarded including an ATV valued at $6,700 (you have to pick it up yourself at a dealership in Waterloo, Iowa); 223 truck bed pools; 84 fishing shirt; 300 hats; 32 coolers; 228 pairs of sunglasses; 155 neck gaiters; 1,026 stone suers; and 100 beverage wraps.

The deadline to enter is Aug. 31 and you must be 21 or older.

Fans also can buy the items here. The camo hoodie is $79, steel cooler, $350; portable hammock, $60; sling cooler, $30; and 30-pack cooler, $79.

Keystone Light x Realtree truck bed pool

You can buy the Keystone Light x Realtree Limited Edition Custom Camo Wav3 for $250.

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