Kendall Jenner Casually Chills at the Beach in the Bed of her Chevrolet C10 Truck

Like any car collector, Kendall Jenner doesn’t only have modern cars in her garage. She’s actually a fan of vintage models, and this Chevy C10 fits the profile perfectly. And it allows her to drive by the beach and hang out in his bed. Win win.

A few days ago, Kendall Jenner took her best friend Hailey Bieber on a trip to Los Angeles. The two of them and Kendall’s dog, a Doberman named Pyro, were driving around in a 1965 Chevrolet C10.

Kendall Jenner first introduced the classic pickup truck in March 2021 when she was out on a Pilates class with Haley Bieber. Now it looks like it’s moving into the spotlight.

With a collection that spans from Rolls-Royce and the latest Ferraris to vintage Mustangs, you have to leave it to the Kardashian-Jenner family to surprise you with their latest addition.

In a recent Instagram story, Kendall Jenner shared multiple pictures of her enjoying a sunset on the beach next to her classic pickup truck. The model also shared a picture of her feet as she took in the view from the bed of the Chevy 10.

She could have got the idea for the truck from her friend, NBA player Devin Booker, who also owns a similar pickup in 1972. However, this is painted blue and is closer to the ground due to a suspension.

Jenner’s pickup got some updates too. With a creamy cappuccino exterior, the new paint doesn’t look like the original paint at all. It’s unclear what changes she made on board or if the revision changed the specifications as well.

Fans of the model pointed out that her mother Kris Jenner didn’t let Kendall buy a truck years ago because they weren’t “ladylike”. Now look at her sitting in the bed of a classic and enjoying the sunset.


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