Keep warm during chilly weather

Electric blankets for double bed Keep warm during chilly weather

An electric heated blanket can be a great way to achieve that cozy warmth in the wintertime and it can even help you save on high electricity bills generated from room heaters. In addition to providing comfort, heat therapy can also ease muscle and joint pain and help you fall asleep if you suffer from body aches and soreness. Winter nights get especially chilly and heat blankets would certainly make falling asleep easier. Check out our recommendations below:

1. Bell electric blankets Woolen Double Bed

This heat blanket can be easily spread under the bedsheet and over the mattress and warm your bed. The electric blanket comes with four heat settings that are very much easy and handy to use.

This electric blanket will also provide you with heat therapy which relaxes your sore back and legs.

2. Expressions Electric Bed Warmer – Electric Blanket – Double Bed Size

This heated blanket has dual controllers that can be customized to manage the individual comfort of two people in one bedroom. The low-wattage technology will keep you safe while you stay warm. The blanket consumes 70 Watts, which is what it takes to illuminate a light bulb.

There is protection and safety even if the bed warmer becomes wet. The blanket has double safety features with overheat protection.

3. ARCOVA HOME Made in India Premium Double Electric Bed Warmer

Give rest to wrestling with heavy electric blankets that keeps sliding off. This heat blanket can be held securely on the mattress, under the bed sheet. This keeps it protected from dust, adding years to its life. You would no longer need the heat pillars/radiators that not only increase your electricity bill but also harm your respiratory system by reducing the moisture level in your room.

This blanket is also good for people having arthritis, backache and other soreness.

4. Warmland Solid Polyester Double Electric Blanket

This heat blanket will provide heat therapy which relaxes the sore back and legs. It provides ease to a stiff back and sore body and you will experience the most comfortable sleep with its remote-controllable two heat settings.

The blanket comes with several security features which makes it completely safe for use. It is made from high quality material.

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