Kate Beckinsale always takes a bath before bed

The 48-year-old actress admitted that her habit can be really annoying because she’s so attuned to her evening ritual of taking a bath in the tub before bed no matter what time it is.

She tells People magazine: “I literally can’t go from day to night unless I’ve immersed myself in water. Which is really annoying because I could get a hotel room and it would have cockroaches and say, ‘Okay, good’ But if [the room] doesn’t have a bathtub, I say: ‘Sorry, can I move?’

“I really have to have that every day, no matter what. Even if it’s Oscar night and you come home at 7 a.m. after 15 parties. “

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the Pearl Harbor star – Attributed to good genes for her youthful looks, but admitted that it helped that she “didn’t see the sun” until she was an adult after moving to California from the UK and always being paranoid about her freckles came out.

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She says, “I’m really lucky, my mom has really good skin. I think some of it is obviously genetic, although it can be messed up. I didn’t see any sun for the first few decades of my life and that was probably a big one help.

“Much of it was geography [growing up in England]but the other thing was that on the very rare occasions we went on family vacation in a hot place, I was paranoid about getting freckles in a mustache formation on my face. So I wore factor 70 [SPF]. I just didn’t want a mustache, so I used sunscreen. “

Kate also shares that she would like to try a chemical peel on her face, but fears that something could go wrong.

She says, “I’d really like to do it because I see people who have had them, but I just think something is going to go wrong and I would get a scar.”

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