Karnataka: Covid-19 surge pushing up hospital bed demand, reveals war room data

As a sign of a growing demand for hospital beds in Karnataka amid the Covid-19 surge in recent days, 857 patients out of a total of 42,598 Covid-positive cases were recorded between January 7th and 10th of this year, compared to 61 patients in December and 886 in the first week of January, according to the data from the state Covid-19 war room.

Although only two percent of Covid-positive cases require hospitalization, the war room data shows how hospitals in the state may soon come under heavy pressure from patients in need of beds if the number of daily reported cases is reported longer than 10,000 .

According to the data, 2.45 percent of the 50,114 people diagnosed with Covid-19 between December 1 and January 7 were hospitalized. Since January 1, when cases began to rise, 66,469 people have tested positive and 1,492 have been hospitalized (2.28 percent).

The 2,000 percent increase in hospital admissions for Covid-19 compared to December is cause for concern.

In Bengaluru, 31,912 Covid-19 cases were found between January 7 and 10, with 93 people hospitalized (0.29 percent). The highest hospitalization rate in Karnataka is currently in the districts of Ramanagar and Chamarajnagar in the south of Karnataka, where 55 of 140 (39.86 percent) and 156 (35.48 percent) of Covid-19 positive cases required hospitalization.

From December 1, 2021 to January 10, 2022, 107 deaths were reported in Karnataka, with 54 of the 30 counties in Bengaluru. From January 1-10, the state recorded Covid-19 deaths, seven of them in Bengaluru.

The death toll was 0.55 percent in December but has since fallen to 0.02 in January.

The test positive rate remains highest in the age group 70 plus and 80 and has increased from 1.25 percent and 1.74 percent in December to 7.02 percent and 7.51 percent in January. In Bengaluru, the test-positive rate in the elderly was over 12 percent for the past 10 days.

“The state has recorded 12,000 Covid cases (on Sunday), of which approximately 9,000 cases were in Bengaluru. The positivity rate in the state has increased to 6.8 percent and in Bengaluru it is 10 percent. Karnataka ranks third in the country for Covid cases, so precautionary measures are needed, ”Prime Minister Basavaraj Bommai said on Monday.

The CM of Karnataka also reported in a message on social media on Monday evening that it was infected with the Covid-19 virus. (https://indianexpress.com/article/cities/bangalore/karnataka-cm-bommai-catches-covid-state-new-cases-4-deaths-7716593/)

The analysis of hospital admissions associated with Covid-19 between 1.

The analysis was performed on the basis of data collected from 947 patients admitted to hospitals for Covid-19 treatment from December 1, 2021 to January 7, 2022.

“With 97 percent vaccinated and three percent unvaccinated citizens (in Karnataka according to state data), for every 100 Covid cases or hospital cases – 97 should have been vaccinated and three unvaccinated if both groups were equally susceptible to Covid. 19. However, unvaccinated people make up ten times as many Covid patients in hospitals and 30 times more in intensive care than expected, “said war room manager Munish Moudgil.

The analysis was carried out on the suspicion that many of the Covid-19 patients admitted to hospitals were vaccinated.

“Analysis of Covid patients shows that those who are not vaccinated are 10 times more likely to be infected with Covid than those who are vaccinated, and that those who are not vaccinated are 30 times more likely to end up in the intensive care unit or HDU,” said Moudgil, a state IAS official who recently the one national e-governance award for the use of IT in the management of Covid.

“The vaccination certainly helps prevent Covid complications and anyone who is eligible must take it,” he said.

During the severe second wave of the Covid pandemic in April and May, when 8,922 people died in Bengaluru alone, anecdotal reports from the city’s hospitals suggested that deaths among medical staff who were vaccinated and worked on the front lines were minimal .


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