Karnataka CM lays foundation of 400-bed hospital in Ballari

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Wednesday laid the foundation stone for the 400-bed mother-child care hospital in Ballari. Speaking on the occasion, he said nowhere in Karnataka, a 400-bed mother-child hospital existed. The state health department will usually take up the construction of a 100-bed hospital but the strength of this hospital is four times more.

“The 400-bed hospital will be the panacea for all the problems of women and children in the entire district,” said Bommai. Chief Minister said nutrition is the biggest challenge without which the growth of children is affected.

“They fall ill repeatedly. The government has provided special grants to improve nutrition in Raichur, Yadgir, and Ballari which are in the Kalyana Karnataka region. Special funds have been earmarked to improve nutrition in kids. Malnutrition is divided into two parts, chronic and medium,” he said. The previous government was giving less nutritious food for medium-level kids and nutritious food only in chronic cases, he alleged. (ANI)

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