Kara Jane Spencer Dead: Singer Who Inspired Dolly Parton, Finished Album While Bed-Bound Tragically Died

A critically ill singer who recorded a hit debut album two years ago in response to an online appeal has passed away. Before she died, she was also able to inspire and even meet Dolly Parton. RIP Kara Jane Spencer.

Kara Jane Spencer, 32, from Derbyshire, was unable to walk and required round-the-clock nursing care due to a severe form of ME.

In May of 2020, she reached out to musicians and producers for assistance in completing her debut album. It’s Still ME, the resulting album, was released later that year after more than a hundred individuals volunteered. The NHS describes ME, or myalgic encephalomyelitis, as a chronic illness with a wide variety of symptoms.

Doctors warned Ms. Spencer, who fell ill 15 years ago, that the severity of her symptoms could reduce her life expectancy. It did not stop her from wanting to pursue her dreams though.

An announcement on her website stated that she passed away at home with her family on Monday. Ms. Spencer worked with a small group of musicians, technicians, and producers to complete her album after receiving an “overwhelming” response to her online appeal.

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The group utilized vocal tracks recorded from her bed to create fully-formed recordings. Liam Hicks, who produced eight of the album’s nine tracks, described handing over the finished product to Ms. Spencer as “amazing.” The album climbed the iTunes and Amazon charts upon its release and helped raise funds for The ME Association.

Ms. Spencer’s accomplishment led to a phone call with country icon Dolly Parton.

Using the same team that assisted in the production of her debut album, In Limbo was in production last year. The family and closest friends of Ms. Spencer stated that although they were aware that Kara’s life expectancy was likely to be short, it was difficult to believe that this day would come.

The family said she had overcome so many adversities that it often appeared she would defy her prognosis.

Her body was ultimately too fragile to survive.

Her spirit remained strong until the end, and she confronted death with the same extraordinary bravery she displayed throughout her illness.

The album she released in the summer of 2020, which she painstakingly recorded from her bed, is an enduring legacy.

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