Joe Burrow’s ex: He’s the GOAT in bed and on the field

His success on the field with the Cincinnati Bengals has already made Joe Burrow a household name among football fans impressed by his form at quarter-back, but his talents extend to off the pitch too.

In the latest insight into burrow‘s personal life, which is attracting more and more attention, previous partners have revealed their experiences.

It comes as talk spread across social media with rumors about burrow‘s performance in other areas.

Revealed on Instagram

“GOAT in bed and on the field,” was the subject line of an email sent to deuxmoi, a well-known celebrity gossip Instagram account.

“Multiple sources that hooked up claim that his line was he ‘wanted to be #1 on the field and #1 in bed.'”

good news

That is good news for Olivia Holzmacher, burrow‘s current partner, who often goes viral with her pictures posted at games as she supports her boyfriend.

The data scientist has over 120,000 followers on Instagram and is an Ohio State alum.


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