Jennifer Aniston’s ‘go-to’ collagen supplements are on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston famously glows, and Vital Proteins collagen supplements are a big part of the reason. (Photo: Getty)

Why do some women seem radiant beyond their years? The answer has a lot to do with their daily habits. Just take Jennifer Aniston, who looks effortlessly incredible as she approaches her 54th birthday. The star actually puts a lot of effort into her anti-aging routine, and collagen supplements take center stage.

Aniston is such a collagen devotee, she signed on as Chief Creative Officer at Vital Proteins, where she helped develop a line of collagen peptide powders that she personally swears by. And right now, many of her favorite Vital Proteins collagen supplements are on sale — but only at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Collagen, for the uninitiated, is naturally produced by the body and helps give skin its elasticity and firmness. But as time goes by, the body produces less of it, and the structure of the skin diminishes. That’s how we end up with lines, laxity and other signs of aging. Aside from aesthetics, collagen is also responsible for keeping muscles, bones and connective tissues healthy.

Certain foods and lifestyle choices can help increase collagen production, but collagen peptides are the best way for your body to absorb it as a supplement. Peptides are usually derived from animal collagen, and your gastrointestinal tract has an easier time with them. Collagen peptides typically come in powder form, and that’s what you’ll find in Vital Proteins products.

“For me, it’s adding it to my morning coffee and replenishing after a workout, but there is truly an option for everyone,” the star has said about the products in her Vital Proteins line. Thanks to Bed Bath & Beyond’s big Vital Proteins sale, now’s the time to stock up on these feel-good, look-good game-changers.

Hundreds of five-star reviewers are hooked, including this one: “I started using Vital Proteins Marine Collagen a few years ago and I couldn’t be happier. Since I started using it, multiple people have commented on my glowing skin and hair. I have noticed that my hair is stronger and it doesn’t fall out as frequently and my nails grow longer and stronger than they ever have before a weird after taste (or just taste) and none of the Vital Proteins has a taste.”

One fan enjoys the lemon powder so much, they have this to say: “I use one scoop in a cup of very hot water for a morning dessert tea and anticipate a second treat in the afternoon. It reminds me of a lemon glazed tea made by one of the top tea maker. Love it!!”

“I can’t remember how long I’ve been buying this chocolate collagen, but after my first tub I started subscribing. It tastes like hot chocolate mix, with no trace of any typical collagen smell or flavor,” wrote one satisfied shopper. “The main ways that I use this powder are to add to my overnight oat mixture along with powdered peanut butter, in coffee along with a bit of almond milk, mixing it into heated almond milk to make hot chocolate, and I also like it mixed into unsweetened/barely sweetened Skyr or Greek yogurt.”

Head over to Bed Bath & Beyond’s Vital Proteins sale for more discounts on collagen supplements, including gummies. The difference will be clear — clear skin and a clearly healthier body, inside and out.

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