Janey Godley shares ovarian cancer diagnosis from hospital bed

Comedian Janey Godley was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

The Glaswegian stand-up comic book and podcaster has been touring the UK since early October and played three nights in a row at the Leicester Square Theater in London last week.

On Friday (November 19), Godley shared a photo of her hospital bed when she announced that she would not be able to end her tour that weekend.

“Sorry, but my last weekend of the tour can’t be in Edinburgh and Musselburgh as I’m in hospital with ovarian cancer – take care of each other,” she tweeted, adding the hashtag: “#MentalHealthMatters.”

Godley, who starred opposite Jessie Buckley in the 2019 film Wild RoseShe also shared a video on Twitter stating that she had been on tour while she had “ovarian cancer unknown to me” and had been “checked through” by doctors on Thursday, November 18.

“I don’t know if I’ll be one of those people who fight valiantly and fight every step,” she said. “It doesn’t feel like the last day, I didn’t do anything other than cry and cry and cry. But I’ll use science, I’ll use technology, and I’ll try to take this next step in the journey. “

Godley also thanked the NHS and encouraged people to get checked out if they had symptoms similar to theirs, including bloating before meals, gas, and lack of energy.

In response to her posts, the comedian received a barrage of support from her friends and fans.

“I’m sorry to hear that. I wish you a full and speedy recovery,” wrote Irvine Welsh.

David Baddiel commented, “I’m sorry to hear that Janey. All the best.”

Throughout her career, Godley has been in television shows like I have news for you and is known for her imitation of Nicola Sturgeon.

In September, the comic apologized after being banned from a Scottish government health campaign due to a series of offensive tweets.

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