Jamie Theakston’s planning permission for ‘bed in shed’ house revamp rejected

Jamie Theakston has submitted a building application for a trendy outbuilding – equipped with a kitchen, office, toilets and fitness areas – in his garden, but has learned that the plans cannot be implemented

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Jamie Theakston in tears over a heartbreaking story on the radio

Jamie Theakston’s plans to build an outhouse in the garden of his home in West London were rejected.

Heart, 51, radio DJ wanted an outbuilding with a gym behind his 19th-century block in upscale Chiswick.

The decision came after Jamie’s neighbors shared their concerns about the proposal with some who were concerned that the apartment would be converted into a self-contained, self-contained apartment.

One angry local resident wrote in the comment section on the community’s website, “By including a bathroom and kitchen, this application has been designed to facilitate future use as a bed in shed.”

Another added that they were unimpressed with the design plans, which “did not match the adjacent lots”.

Jamie Theakston’s latest plans for his £ 6.5 million home have been rejected by the council

The proposal, presented to the council ahead of the final decision, revealed Jamie’s hopes for the use of the extra space.

It states that the area “should be used as a multifunctional space,” with the main area “being used as a CrossFit gym with space for sledging, battle ropes and plyometric boxing jumps, etc. equipment.”



London borough of Hounslow)

There will also be a shower and toilet in the building, as well as a home office with a wood-burning stove and a “modest” kitchenette for “simple” refreshments.

In 2018, Jamie won a £ 2.5 million planning war and despite objections from 20 neighbors, he was allowed to build a four bedroom house on his land.



London borough of Hounslow)

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In 2020, at the height of the coronavirus pandemic – where people were forced to work from home during the lockdown – Jamie announced that he was finding it difficult to get his radio show off from home because he ” distracted ”.

Jamie worked from his living room while colleague Lucy Horobin was live from Global Studios in London.

Picking up his fights, he said, “He greeted the listeners on the show and said,“ Lucy is in the studio, I work from home. Working from home is quite distracting, I think. “

The curious Lucy asked Jamie why he was so distracted, and he hilariously replied, “I still have to take out the recycling …”

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