Jakarta’s hospital bed occupancy reaches 45%

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The bed occupancy rate (BOR) at all COVID-19 referral hospitals in Jakarta reached 45 percent as of Friday, with a dominance of asymptomatic cases, Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, said that.

“Currently, BOR has increased to 45 percent. However, it should be underlined that this is different from the previous months or years. This BOR is dominated by asymptomatic (patients),” he said here on Friday.

He further explained that of the total 3,922 beds, the occupancy rate had reached 45 percent, while in ICUs, out of 611 beds, the occupancy rate had reached 14 percent.

Generally, patients who are hospitalized or self-isolated are showing no symptoms, which is in contrast with the situation seen during the spike in cases caused by the Delta variant in mid-2021, he noted.

The deputy governor also asked people to stay indoors if allowed to work from home.

He said that the BOR is not expected to exceed the limit of 60 percent. According to Patria, the BOR in Jakarta was recorded to be below 5 percent before the current increase occurred.

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Based on data from the Jakarta Health Office as of Thursday (January 27, 2022), the number of active cases (people who are still being treated or undergoing isolation) in Jakarta increased by 2,248, bringing the total number of active cases to 16,330.

According to health office data, as of Thursday, the number of Omicron cases reached 2,404, comprising 1,309 imported cases and 1,095 local transmission cases.

The first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Indonesia in March 2020. According to data provided by the COVID-19 Handling Task Force, as of January 28, 2022, at least 4,319,175 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country, while 4,131,333 people have recovered and 144,268 people have succumbed to the virus.

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