Jacinda Ardern’s Facebook livestream interrupted by daughter who won’t go to bed

Ardern was in the middle of updating viewers on the country’s Covid-19 response when she was disturbed by 3-year-old Neve calling, “Mom?”

“You should be in bed, darling,” replied Ardern.


“It’s bedtime, darling. Come back to bed, we’ll see you soon, ”she added before asking her daughter to go back to her grandmother.

“Well that was bedtime, wasn’t it,” she laughed into the camera.

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But Neve didn’t take no for an answer: later on on the show, the prime minister’s daughter returned.

“I’m sorry, darling, it’s taking so long,” replied Ardern before announcing she would end the livestream.

The Prime Minister’s struggle has undoubtedly resonated with parents around the world who have struggled to reconcile homeworking and childcare.

The pandemic has forced a large portion of the global workforce to conduct an unprecedented experiment in remote working that is blurring the lines between work and personal life.


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