I’ve been stuck in bed for THREE YEARS waiting for an operation – no one will help me & my life is a waste

A DISABLED grandad who has been left bed-bound by a sore says his life has become a “waste” after waiting three years for surgery.

Danny Sullivan, 75, has been forced to stay in bed for up to 18 hours a day – but now fears Covid could be about to scupper his chances of finally getting treatment.

Granddad Danny Sullivan, 75, has been waiting for an operation on a sore on his buttocks for two years


Granddad Danny Sullivan, 75, has been waiting for an operation on a sore on his buttocks for two yearsCredit: BPM
He is paraplegic and spends up to 18 hours a day in bed - with no idea when his surgery will be scheduled


He is paraplegic and spends up to 18 hours a day in bed – with no idea when his surgery will be scheduledCredit: BPM

The grandad, from Kings Heath, Birmingham, has been waiting for an operation since the end of 2019.

He was hopeful when a surgery was first scheduled for April 2020, before the Covid pandemic led to it being put on hold indefinitely.

The subsequent huge treatment backlog means he has not been considered a priority for treatment and has been kept waiting ever since.

NHS trusts have been told to ensure all patients who have been waiting more than two years are treated.

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The pensioner is paralyzed from the waist down after he was injured in a car crash, and needs to use a wheelchair to get around when he is not bed-bound.

Danny says he tries to remain upbeat but admits all the time spent stuck in bed and the monotony of his days have got him down.

After his three years of agony, the 75-year-old was given some hope when he had a pre-op over the phone ahead of a planned biopsy earlier this year.

But his optimism was dashed when he was later told rising Covid levels have put the procedure in doubt, meaning his arduous wait could yet go on even longer.

Danny explained: “Since that time they have been in touch and they are not sure if they will get me in because Covid levels are rising again.”

For the last three years, the fed-up grandad has been largely consigned to his bed at his first-floor flat where district nurses visit every day to change his dressings.

The fact he uses a wheelchair means his sore on his buttocks will only get worse if he doesn’t stay off it for long periods.

He told Birmingham Mail earlier in the year: “It would be so much better for my peace of mind and my general wellbeing.

“It just feels like a total waste of a life at the moment.

“The worst part of it is you have nothing to look forward to. You have no date.”

If you had anything to cling onto it would make life bearable

Danny Sullivan, 75

The progress over recent weeks has given him some hope, as he said “it looks like something is close to being in the offing.

“It’s encouraging that at least something is being done.”

Mr Sullivan has always insisted he does not expect to be prioritized over cancer patients and other urgent treatment but, equally, feels he has suffered enough.

“It is what it is,” he continues.

“There’s nothing else I can do. I got in touch with my local MP and he wrote to the hospital. It at least keeps my name at the fore.

“I never get totally down. It’s just drags it out – life is on hold.”

University Hospitals NHS Trust, which runs the QE, previously apologised for treatment delays which is said were a result of demands which “have never been higher”.

NHS waiting lists have reached record levels, with one in eight people in England now waiting for treatement.

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Over 6 million people are in a surgery queue, up by 1.2 million in a year as the NHS battles the Covid backlog.

Earlier this year, a poll found that 98 per cent of NHS managers say crippling job vacancies mean patients will suffer even longer as hospitals miss targets for clearing the Covid backlog due to staff shortages.

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