It’s Time to Invest in a Loft Bed

If you’re anything like me, then your bed is more than just a designated spot for sleeping and sex. It’s your temporary WFH office, at-home movie theater, place-to-hide-all-the-sh*t-under -because we have guests coming over, reading nook, and snack spot all packed into the perimeter of a bed frame. And as convenient as that may sound, there’s an easy way to make the most of your space while giving your mattress a much-needed break—that’s right, you can hang out/work/eat takeout underneath your bed instead. Enter the loft bed.

Best of all, the newly found free space your loft bed provides can be tailored to what you need, especially if you’re working with minimal square footage. Need some room to store all those thrifted clothes you told yourself you would definitely wear? Or, ya know, maybe just a place to get some work done that isn’t your lap? Whatever it is, maximizing your room with a loft bed also gives you the opportunity to get creative, by sticking anything from your makeup vanity to a bar cart underneath. Take a quick peek at what we’re talking about here…

Don’t know where to start on your journey to loft bed ownership? We’ve gotchu. Below are 15 adult loft beds that will add both fun decor opps and prime real estate to your space.

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