‘It shook me out of bed’ – Dramatic moment car ploughs into home leaving devastating scene

Residents on a busy street in Rochdale were jolted awake after a car crashed into a house on their street.

This morning (January 26) dramatic images showed the devastating debris left behind by the car which smashed through metal railings on Rochdale Road and crashed into a house in the street.

Three houses were damaged after the impact at around 2 a.m.

The house that the car crashed directly into had its windows completely smashed and had to be boarded up, debris piled up in front of the house and some car parts strewn about the three houses and the pedestrian walkway.

One house was left with its front windows completely smashed
One house was left with its front windows completely smashed

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Police closed Rochdale Road in Milnrow while firefighters and paramedics were also at the scene.

The road was later reopened at 5 a.m.

A local resident who lived on Rochdale Road said he was woken up by a “rumble” in the early hours of the morning and when he went to see what had happened, he was struck by a black Audi which pulled into his neighbour’s house was.

Speaking of Manchester evening news They said: “I heard a rumble and it shook me out of bed.

“It was about 1.45am, I was one of the first down here, it was me and a police officer and all I saw was a car that had gone through the railing and smashed into the house.

“I stayed for a while and they started doing work and then I left it to them.”

The police, fire brigade and rescue service were on duty
The police, fire brigade and rescue service were on duty

Another neighbor who lived across the street from the houses and asked not to be named said they too were woken up by police sirens and officers running towards the black car.

Speaking of MEN They said this is not the first time accidents have happened in the area.

They said: “I was woken up by the police, I saw that a black car had driven through the house and part of the roof had fallen on the car.

“The police ran to the car to look inside but I didn’t see them pull anyone out, I think the driver ran away.

“It was crazy, I hope nobody got hurt.

“Speeding accidents are fairly common in this area and something needs to be done.”

The car hit a metal railing
The car hit a metal railing

Another resident, who only found out about the accident hours after the crash, said he saw a neighbor whose home had been damaged by debris and looked “lost”.

They said: “I didn’t hear anything, when I came out to get my newspaper at 7.30am this morning I saw the mess.

“The car had been taken by then but there was a man doing some repair work and I saw that one of my neighbors whose house was hit by debris looked pretty deserted.

“I slept through it, but it’s not something you expect to wake up with, is it?”

the MEN has contacted Greater Manchester Police for more details on the incident.

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