Is your toddler climbing out of the crib? Here is what you can do to prevent them

Once your toddler turns 1, your home becomes an adventure playground! Sometimes you may find your toddler opening drawers, picking up what comes into their hands, moving up and down the sofa, and even climbing out of their crib. When this happens, parents worry about whether to let their babies sleep with them to avoid injury or whether to monitor them day and night.

Think about how to deal with this situation before making any major changes, such as: B. Buy a large crib for your 15-18 month old baby. Your child may be jailbroken, but you can easily outsmart them!

Here are some ways to keep your child from climbing out of the crib:

Use these suggestions for a peaceful night’s sleep. (Representative Image / Pexels)

Lower the mattress

It is best to lower the cot mattress to the lowest possible point or close to the floor until your baby learns to stand. Your toddler will not be able to lift himself over the bars of the cot as the lowering of the mattress prevents it from climbing down. Make sure there is no furniture near the cot as your child could use it as a support to climb down. This can help at least for a while or so.

Use sleeping bags

Some children can climb out of their cribs within 8-9 months. To avoid injuries to these nature climbers, you can use a sleeping bag (loose portable blankets). Your baby can still move their feet and arms, but they won’t be too comfortable to stand and climb out of bed.

Establish a good bedtime

If your toddler gets restless in the middle of the night, it can be a sign that they are sleeping too early and need a change in their bedtime. See when your toddler is sleeping after you put them in a crib. Your toddler may also be able to sleep late, making them moody and exhausted. Because of this, it becomes difficult for them to fall asleep quickly. You need to work by their biological clock and find the best time to get them to sleep.

Put your baby in a crib only to sleep

Stop using the crib to play or punish your baby if you do. If your child does not sleep in a cot, there may be a misconception about its use and they may want to get out at night too. Make sure you put her in her crib only to sleep.

If your toddler is upset or moody, take them out of the crib too until they’re back to normal. Using the cot only for sleeping gives them a positive understanding about their intended sleeping area that is not used for play.

Remove objects such as toys

If there are toys and pillows in the cot, you should remove them, especially in the first year. These items can trick her into trying to climb out of the crib. At the same time, they can also be dangerous for the baby as they can cause sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Therefore, make sure that the cot is not overloaded with objects.

Is your child ready for a bed?

When your toddler is 2 years old, it is the right time to get a bed as they will surely grow out of their crib. Getting a crib can be a little difficult if your child is younger than 18 months. After you’ve used all of your methods to prevent your child from climbing out of the crib, continue to get yourself a bed as a last resort. Do not switch to bed abruptly if you see your toddler climb out of bed. It can be scary and scary at first, but there are a few methods you need to try out before you get a crib.

(The author is a senior pediatrician, Motherhood Hospital, Bangalore)

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